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  1. oldkettle

    Discount Offers of the Week

    Office 365 Home - £40. The main attraction for me personally is 1TB cloud storage for each of six accounts. Much cheaper than anything else available. Also stackable, so buying two gives two years (plus £5 discount voucher), 3 - £10 discount voucher. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/microsoft-office-365-home-mcafee-6-device-1tb-cloud-storage-60-mins-skype-per-month-for-pc-mac-now-only-3999-argos-free-cc-3216072 I have just bought one last week using my home use program discount but I paid more 😏
  2. oldkettle

    Retrospective PP for change to new build

    I can see on the Council website the neighbours' houses are marked for a review, although they haven't changed anything for well over five years. Ah, here it is https://www.gov.uk/guidance/council-tax-band-changes "A property that’s increased in size may move to a higher band when it’s next purchased." But I am not qualified to discuss the meaning of the word "may". 🙂
  3. oldkettle

    Retrospective PP for change to new build

    I hope somebody can confirm whether there is another potential pitfall: council tax. My understanding is whereas extension means the band stays the same until the house is sold, new build will cause immediate valuation and likely a higher band.
  4. oldkettle

    Bathroom Refurbishment Project (2) - Proposed Design

    Wasn't sure you saw the first one 🙂 Yes, should have checked the pictures in your original post where the mirror is clearly visible. My wife would hate a bath or a shower next to the window, but then she doesn't tolerate cold. I originally wanted to suggest moving the loo as well (under the window, than the sink in its place), than thought of the plumbing nightmare.
  5. oldkettle

    Bathroom Refurbishment Project (2) - Proposed Design

    Sorry for repeating myself but Can you move the whb under the window and set the bath along the left hand side from the door? From the plans it seems there is enough space.
  6. oldkettle

    Discount Offers of the Week

    In case anyone is still considering 3D printer, Aldi have reduced Balco to £249.99 https://www.aldi.co.uk/balco-3d-printer/p/086887240233900
  7. oldkettle

    PP obtained - but can we achieve more?

    I drew this in SweetHome3D, I hope these are better. Ground floor: First floor: TA
  8. oldkettle

    Bathroom Refurbishment Project (1) - Comments Please

    Are you planning to move the whb under the window and set the bath along the left hand side from the door?
  9. Thank you, Peter. Does it mean that the real ceiling height is usually lower than quoted, i.e. 2400mm (quoted) -15mm of engineering wood or similar?
  10. @PeterW, this total of 230mm, does it include any floor finish? Sounds like plasterboard plus joists plus chipboard?
  11. oldkettle

    PP obtained - but can we achieve more?

    Here is a draft plan of the right side of the ground floor I came up with (living / sitting room on the left are left our for simplicity). I know the picture is not great :-) but I really had to use Sketchup: without it I'd have missed issues related to mismatches between the ground and first floor plans. The main question I am trying to answer right now is whether the bathroom and the utility / plant room are large enough. I think I could move the left wall of the bathroom to the left by another 400mm if required: not sure whether 1800mm+ hall is that important all the way to the kitchen, but it probably looks better, more uniform this way. The utility will need to house a washing mashine, tumble drier (probably under the stairs all the way to the right) and ideally a large sink (probably, behind the shower). Plants - UFH manifold, may be the consumer unit and network equipment. I'm probably going to keep MVHR in the attic as I am hoping to have permanent stairs there. Gas boiler and HW tank (if required) would likely go in the attic as well. I think there will be enough space for Sunamp in this plant room should we decide to have it. Looking at the pictures in TerryE's post, the space under the stairs, close to 2.5 linear metres, should suffice but have I missed something big? Does anybody see a better configuration for these rooms in the space between the kitchen and the bedroom? The position of the stairs is not completely fixed but there is not much I could do with them as I need the landing upstairs in the same place where the downstairs one is to provide the entrance to the home office (it will be right on top of the bedroom downstairs in the bottom right corner. Can't move the stairs all the way to the kitchen either as it would affect the bedroom upstairs. Overall this option allows me to easily fit 300mm going/180mm rise / 950mm wide staircase which would be great to have.
  12. oldkettle

    PP obtained - but can we achieve more?

    Thank you, @Randomiser, not sure why I've not seen you reply straight away I've realised there is a nice gotcha potentially awaiting us: even though demolishing a chimney would be insufficient to count as a commencement, an unfriendly LPA may easily construe that it was done before the commencement notice for the purposes of CIL exemption! Another ugly problem to deal with - and the PM I hoped to talk to decided he was not interested on the day of the scheduled meeting!
  13. We were made to include the first two in our planning application.
  14. oldkettle

    Discount Offers of the Week

    Another set of Aldi DIY offers. https://www.aldi.co.uk/c/specialbuys/dates/2019-03-14?sort=popular&q=%3Apopular%3AtransactionalStatus%3Atransactional%3AtransactionalStatus%3Anontransactional%3AEvent%3ADIY&page=0 Breaker and mitre saw stand look interesting. Vibrating plate compactor - not sure whether I would get enough use of it for the money.
  15. oldkettle

    PP obtained - but can we achieve more?

    Yes, I am planning a thermal upgrade. I want to either start this work before the main build or leave it until after the shell is finished. If it is impossible, we may have a problem, although there is enough space both in front and in the back garden for a container.