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  1. Planning permission refused - options

    Yes, I will rather rely on the regulation.
  2. Planning permission refused - options

    Actually, the architect was telling it to the planner from the beginning (self-build is exempt), but the guy forced him to fill out a form than seems to only be required for 100m2+ extensions! Again, now we know why he did it but it caused a lot of confusion. By the way, another confusion is with the notice. They have different wording in different places, from the last link it seems the notice is NOT required for the extensions. But I definitely saw another one today where this point was missing. Anyway, we are a long way away from the notice stage :-) Edited to add Guidance: "and, in regard to a self build home or a residential annex, a Commencement (of development) Notice served prior to the commencement of the development " Regulation: 42B (6) A person who is granted an exemption for residential annexes or residential extensions ceases to be eligible for that exemption if a commencement notice is not submitted to the collecting authority before the day the chargeable development is commenced.
  3. Planning permission refused - options

    Thank you, @Jml. I must admit I hardly ever dealt with legal documents. Do they not have a full version, rather than the original separately and then the amendments? If not, I'd love to know why :-) Surely it is easier to read a single document. I opened this as pdf and searched for "compulsory". Found nothing :-) What I was looking for came under "discretionary" and only social housing and exceptional circumstances fall under this category. Again, I think it is not helpful that different terms are used in the legislation and the guidance but it is a good result anyway, something to consider - and quickly.
  4. Planning permission refused - options

    OK, back home and had more time to read about the CIL. Forgive be but it looks very confusing. From https://www.gov.uk/guidance/community-infrastructure-levy#extend-their-homes "The Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations make a number of provisions for charging authorities to give relief from the levy. Some types of relief are compulsory; others are offered at the charging authority’s discretion. " I can't find any information WRT whether self-build extension relief is compulsory. And https://www.woking.gov.uk/planning/service/contributions "some developments are exempted, including minor development and residential extensions of less than 100 sq m of net internal floorspace (unless it will comprise of one or more dwellings), new affordable housing, development for charitable purposes, self build housing and residential annexes. " Larger extensions are specifically excluded. I think this was the reason we thought 100m2 was the limit in the first place! Apart from contacting the planners, is there any other way to get the definitive answer?
  5. Planning permission refused - options

    Funny you chose this image. I've been looking for a way to get more natural light in and I saw one of the members here using a similar design. The problem is it mainly benefits the first floor and I don't really see this as a major gain. Where as the living room and the kitchen diner will see little light in the afternoon and barring solar tunnels there is nothing I can do about it. I will explain after the event why I hope for a different outcome with this application. I did consider using permitted development rights to build (or threaten to build) 8m into the garden :-) as it is allowed for another year. One thing I don't want is period property. But as I said, I am the utility person, don't care about the looks that much as I am inside most of the time. And whatever we build it is surely going to look better than the front dormer we have now. Any suggestions wrt the guttering in our latest plans? :-)
  6. Planning permission refused - options

    The existing walls are shown in green, better seen in the first post. Otherwise I can add it in the evening when I get home.
  7. Planning permission refused - options

    @bassanclan, @Jml - thank you. I will check the CIL issue again. The decision notice stated that we would be liable to pay it, may be the relevant form was not submitted. As I said above the planner was very keen to prove that we added over 100m2. With regards to the front gable. We do have a detached house with a double front gable down the road - see the attached picture (sorry about the quality). Not the same thing of course. I also believe that a white gable looks less "heavy" than a black roof. My neighbour said the same thing when we discussed it. In any case, I understand the perils of being "not in keeping", but hope to get a better treatment from the councillors. We can't demolish because our lender said they would not allow it. Moving our mortgage to a self-build rate would cost too much, I did the maths and it is not worth it. I appreciate the benefits of demolish and rebuild but it won't happen. If only I had the money I'd not think twice. We would have a basement and changed quite a few other things. I have no plans for a conversion, but I expect any future buyer to appreciate the space available - at a questionable cost of aesthetic. In comparison to appalling tiny townhouses being built everywhere with no gardens this would be in a different league. But for now I just want a comfortable large home for my family. @bassanclan, can you please explain how the 80/90% approach you mentioned might work here?
  8. Planning permission refused - options

    Thanks, @bassanclan As I mentioned previously and as per the plans, the South is on the right and this is where we are planning to have a lot of PV, hopefully, close to 10KW. Also, again, as per plans, the width of the house is smaller than the length, so switching to the roof structure as attached is not really viable. If you check my post above with the pencil drawing we did consider an option that is nicer aesthetically but rejected it. I also have to say I personally don't see the aesthetics as the main driver of a design. Having a nicer looking house that is more expensive to build and provides substantially less space does not appeal to me. I can see houses being extended all the time. Surely it happens because the original structure is not large enough. This is a massive waste of resources. I'd rather build something proper in the first place. If we didn't have a massive CIL to pay (should we add more space) I could consider making the extension larger instead but the marginal cost of these 20m2 would have been prohibitive.
  9. Planning permission refused - options

    @pocster, @lizzie Looks like I have made a mistake and misled you and possibly others by not creating a new topic for my question - here: https://forum.buildhub.org.uk/topic/4543-planning-permission-refused-options/?do=findComment&comment=84784 We are trying indeed :-)
  10. Planning permission refused - options

    Thank you, lizzie We've had a couple of suggestions from the "appeal" companies who clearly track planning applications. If we do get rejected with this application we will consider one, but for now I have a reason to be hopeful :-) So my main task today is getting the remaining design details in order, particularly this small roof and its guttering, as this would be difficult to change at a later stage.
  11. Planning permission refused - options

    Well, our very experienced and paid by the hour architect works with them a lot but they still won't quote for an extension :-) So will have to be somebody else. Regardless, would a TF package provider care about where the guttering goes? I asked the architect the same question first anyway. Asking here as well because two pairs of eyes are better than one. I have this feeling (may be wrong) at this stage he just wants us to get a PP :-)
  12. Planning permission refused - options

    Resurrecting this as we are about to re-apply - and we are keeping the front gable as I want the option of space in the attic. This time we expect the committee to consider our application. Below are the revised plans. We sacrificed the space of the current bay in the downstairs bedroom to make the detail simpler and thus hopefully gained a bit of length (something I am currently verifying with the architect). The bay window is not getting much light anyway with all the tall shrubs on the right (South). My question is: is there any way to prevent the guttering for the left gable of the small roof (right side of the front elevation) from being an eyesore? I have attached a current picture, where the white arrow to the right of the entrance door points to the corner where the down pipe will probably have to be. Any alternatives? Thanks in advance.
  13. Stage 1 Is Very Nearly Complete :)

    Pardon my ignorance, but do they pierce green polyethylene layer (and if yes - is it a problem)?
  14. Is it worth adding more memory?

    Well, this is odd. I've had FF open for nearly two hours now, I have logged in to the forum as well. The memory has started growing a couple of times but got trimmed automatically and is certainly not leaking. I don't have any add-ons or extensions in the profile I am running though (I use multiple profiles). Win7, 8GB RAM running in a VM. Will upgrade to 58.02 out of interest.
  15. Is it worth adding more memory?

    So - a different page may be? I have opened the forum's Activity page in FF, not logged in though. Will see how it goes.