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  1. Am I right that the external finish you have included for your sips/tf is just wooden cladding? If that's the case will it actually last as long as the rest of the house? You will certainly need to paint it regularly.
  2. There must be a History somewhere in your browser.
  3. I hope so, but ultimately if the wall outside is on fire then windows are at risk. Again, hopefully, only a potential problem for very tall buildings.
  4. I'd hope not based on the fact that there is a massive difference in conditions between EWI and a full fill cavity and between a high rise building and a two storey house. Edited to add: I wonder where it leaves ICFs which in many cases use EPS forms.
  5. This does not look like a full fill insulation and not in a masonry wall cavity?
  6. You have the same plot orientation as we do. Would it make sense to make the house deeper and less wide to get some more light from the South? Does the house to the South of you has such orientation (it's partially visible on your picture)?
  7. Doesn't the kit define what insulation can be used to a significant extent? I.e. for example 140mm frame means Warmcell is out of the question? With regards to extras, AFAIK not all manufacturers have doors/windows as options so they seem to be making their margin on kits and installation.
  8. From today: smart home range from Lidl - Zigbee 3.0 compatible. With the gateway at £19.99 and a smartplug at £7.99 it's not a bad way to "try before you buy". The only thing I don't like is E27 are 806lm only rather than 1500+ that we currently have, but hopefully there are other compatible bulbs to choose from. https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/c/smart-home/c1693/w1 https://www.lidl.co.uk/our-products/smart-home
  9. I am not saying they take it for free. But it is not good enough to say "we want to build more houses here so here is your 10% and f. off". When we were looking we had a choice between buying a significantly larger updated house with a tiny garden and a tired relatively small bungalow on a large plot. We chose land over house and never regretted this choice thanks to the degree of privacy we've gained. I discussed our extension plans with friendly estate agents and they said there was a limit on the uplift we could achieve (well, obviously). I always maintained that I don't care whether our plans would be profitable because we want to live here for a very long time. I didn't take CPOs into account though, it has a potential to ruin any plans. A law can be unjust.
  10. This is pretty shocking to me. So the council can at any point decide to take somebody's property and then share the proceeds with developers. Nothing wrong with this at all apparently. I am really worried about it as our little oasis of 5 houses has "unusually large gardens" and is constantly attracting attention. 10% uplift is nothing if you can't move into comparable area with a comparable house and land.
  11. Thank you for the link. No proper rules exist in this area, no consistency. You can have a bathroom. No, you can't. You can have a pool. No, you can't. Somebody who doesn't attend a gym is telling people what size they believe is suitable for a home gym. If the neighbours / council are concerned that people rent accommodation out then they should go and prove it. Otherwise I can't quite figure out what their problem is.
  12. Thank you. This is exactly what I had in mind and the reason I mentioned glulam. With sips the load does not sound too bad. I am just trying to get an idea for what is possible: maybe 10m is indeed too much, maybe not.
  13. They seem to be referring to the existing house? As long as I have something to fill this place - which I will do - I am not worried. It is not wider than the existing house and will be 30m away. Much more concerned about actually building it.
  14. Sorry, missed this bit. Aren't we allowed 4m ridge? Ah, I see you point. This just means we will have to step 2m away from the boundary on the gable side. There is plenty of space for this.