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  1. The resolution for now - following the email exchange. 1. Notification of the start of work - for the purpose of CIL first of all 2. Start the demolition 3. Apply for "proposed use" LDC (quote: "on the basis that the demolition already undertaken constituted a material operation") - if I am not mistaken it's just over £100 and is certainly worth the peace of mind. And the outbuilding is definitely a separate application which is OK.
  2. Oh yes, this one has been quite helpful, I called him before and he replied to my emails quite quickly. Will ask him further questions tomorrow.
  3. Am I right that "them" here is the planners? I wonder how this was negotiated... But anyway, it seems we'd have to apply for LDC, will ask him what specific type I will need to create.
  4. As I said above, there are no conditions at all. We didn't apply for BC because I don't want to spend several thousand pounds on BC drawings before we decide whether it's going to be an extension or a demolish and rebuild job. I can remove the patio and existing small retaining walls that will be on the way of any future work, this is as close to "scraping the site" as we can get 🤔
  5. Thanks, CIL is definitely on my mind here. No conditions whatsoever. It is what to write in the LDC application in this specific case that I couldn't figure out. I also wonder whether we can use a single application for multiple purposes : establish start of extension work and confirm that the outbuilding we are planning is lawful.
  6. Well, another case is where we want to build something that is likely legal - but not guaranteed (like our massive 50+m2 outbuilding). But with the extension I really have no idea what he means. We don't have to, but it will be useful, in fact, I am sure you recommended me to do just that somewhere when I posted a google earth view of our plot. In reality, right now the main reason I want this is to gain easy access for a digger and a dumper truck - again, for groundworks for the outbuilding. But I thought I could try to kill two birds with one stone here.
  7. 2+ years have passed too quickly and the situation is not great to start. So I emailed the planner: >> We are planning to partially demolish the attached garage to create access for the main building works. Can you please confirm whether this will be sufficient to constitute a material start of work to "lock" the existing planning permission? And got the following reply: >> In my opinion it would. However, if you plan to rely on this to keep the permission alive – for example, only commencing further works after the expiry of the three years – then you should consider obtaining a lawful development certificate. I have no idea whether he means we might want LDC for the demolition or something else. Before I ask him to clarify - any idea what he means here? I suspect by removing the existing little retaining walls that are both in the way of the future extension and in a way for access further back I'd make sure - but is this correct? Don't want to dig the foundation yet as that'd mean a big and dangerous hole too close to the house. TIA.
  8. All I can say is dig it out when the digger is on site - I did it a month ago with ours and it was way smaller. Sooner or later it will escape, why spend any money on trying to prevent it when there are many nicer shrubs that will give you the screen and won't try to spread. Sorry.
  9. How will you clear the roof between the two pitches? I may well be completely wrong here but a colleague had quite a bad experience with a similar setup where leaves and other dirt accumulated quickly, keeping water there and eventually causing a serious leak.
  10. Thank you, this is very useful to know. Certainly a cost worth paying.
  11. This membrane - there will be separate rolls for the walls attached to the ones under the slab? Do you have any indication of the cost - I know you have groundworks as a package. Sorry, more importantly: great progress and an excellent catch in the corner!
  12. I have almost finished dealing with a row of Lawson cypresses along the far side of the garden (19 of them) - only the stumps remaining. Bought a Macallister shredder in Screwfix and it did a good job (well, had to replace it twice). Created a crate out of paving stones and got it all stored. Ordered a second green bin which is just an extra £25 a year, will be done in 2 months. The only thing I would have done differently in your situation is hire a big beast shredder for a weekend - would be much easier. I would really not like it should my neighbours decide to burn that much stuff - and frankly I don't see the need as it may well be faster and safer to shred it for a couple of hundred pounds.
  13. Oh no, the layout only! I know my place.
  14. Hmm, if that's the case will you not get a better result by moving the door towards the left corner so that you have a straight run of the units on the left, then a passage to the utility, then another run of the units including the fridge on the bottom side, all the way to the living room wall, but possibly less deep? No space wasting corners.
  15. This seems to be for the usage above the ground only? Lifetime of 30 years worries me a bit.