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  1. Congratulations! Did you have to make any changes in the end? How have they explained the delay?
  2. Thank you for the pictures. What is the actual depth of the shelves? Doesn't look like 600, but I may be wrong. The picture also reminded me that I never could understand why manufacturers don't offer more shelves per unit, could easily fit 8 in this space.
  3. This is an interesting one. We never had an integrated dishwasher but are hoping to install one. Has anybody else had a similar problem? I suspect the shelf or worktop above could be affected as well? @ryder72, could you possibly comment please?
  4. Following with interest. IIRC @JSHarris mentioned before that these are not well insulated and there is a risk of condensation. I was hoping somebody would make a double wall system with enough insulation to alleviate this issue.
  5. Looking at the en-suite, it has a width of 1500mm. Thus the shower will be limited to maybe 800? Feels quite tight.
  6. Congratulations, great result!
  7. I can't agree more with what @AliG said about moving the doors to align with the right side of the stairs. I personally would make the island a little shorter as well to leave more circulation space around. We are trying to have 1200mm everywhere (and we are both much shorter than you are 🙂). In general, it feels really annoying that in a house so large there is even a slight problem with creating a great layout. My wife and I have just spent two days trying to plan a kitchen (she thought it would have been fun 😏 ) in a 4m by 4m space and we've failed miserably.
  8. Is there a way to create some kind of blocks or sleepers by splitting a large area with formwork? Does it make sense?
  9. @DavidBJ Have you been quoted separately for this work? Curious to get a rough idea of the cost.
  10. Yes, I agree planning officers don't set these rules. Whether it's mostly their management or local authority I don't know. But overall - no bureaucracy will ever stop growing unless forced to from the outside. With regards to pre-application advice, I guess "management" tried to find a source of income. My guess is £50 or so fee does not really cover their costs and the extra planning applications with lengthy exchanges as you described may well cost them even more. I wouldn't want to run this service TBH.
  11. I am a software developer. What I see regularly (and I know there are plenty of people here who can confirm or contest this) is requirements introduced by people who have no skin in the game or who don't actually have to abide by their own rules. Infuriating indeed. So when it comes to planners I suspect they can easily find out what they can or can't do either directly or by chatting informally to their colleagues. They will never care about the impact on us.
  12. Well, if they required FOI request and £10 I wouldn't mind. Again, was not asking them to confirm that I could build a specific outbuilding, just to say "yes, your house has PD", it shouldn't be a research but a DB check question. This way they basically force me to pay the full fee. It's quite surprising there is not a simple checkbox on a planning portal for this yes/no information. All that IT effort - and they don't really use it properly. In our case there was a full PP process so I'd hope they could make checks as a part of it.
  13. Gotta love the way they work >> Having looked at the microfiche it appears your Permitted Development rights are intact. >> This letter is an informal opinion. If you require a formal legal determination as whether your works constitute Permitted Development you must submit for a Lawful Development Certificate. A fee is payable. I.e. they don't want to confirm for free that the house has PD rights (not that a specific development is lawful)? Wow!
  14. Built too long ago, I doubt PD existed back in 1950 (did they?). I didn't find anything on their portal that'd mention limitations related to our house. But I've emailed them to ask, I hope they'll just confirm it's there.
  15. Nope, PP is for an extension. Obviously, everybody is (correctly) saying "demolish and rebuild" but that would involve paying off cheap fixed rate mortgage and taking on an expensive one for the new build. Most of the VAT savings would disappear down that hole.