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  1. oldkettle

    The Build - Timber frame erection

    Just to be sure: it can't possibly include the price of the frame itself? Can it???
  2. Sorry, off-topic, but I only understood what "wax" was supposed to be after reading your last post! 😂 Even though it clearly made little sense that you'd be making living in this respected trade.
  3. oldkettle

    Structuring the Data

    OK, I actually did think we'd need "plumbing solution", "rendering solution" etc. but then decided it would probably not make search any easier. It is of course for us to tag posts. I didn't mean the original post though, I meant the one with the answer to "a problem" which is not necessarily the one raised in the root post. Could help a lot in my view.
  4. oldkettle

    Structuring the Data

    The best I can suggest (while on a train) is a "solution" tag to mark a post. Nowadays the search plus a tag system usually beat a specialised database.
  5. oldkettle

    Importing from Europe

    I wanted to share this picture for some time, I wonder where in the UK can one see triple-glazing prices stated openly like in this German brochure
  6. oldkettle

    We are in

  7. oldkettle

    Smug to Mug

    Actually, this and the other house in the second picture caught my eye. I personally have no idea why it is anybody's business unless in a row of identical homes on a High Street.
  8. oldkettle

    Smug to Mug

    It looks good. I can't help but notice front gables are not an issue in your area.
  9. @Ferdinand, in case you have not seen it https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/travel/2018/04/avios-rewards-programme-to-close---customers-to-be-transferred-to-the-ba-executive-club-
  10. oldkettle

    Washing machines

    Did you get a long warranty? Either Bosch themselves or different shops are offering 5 years from time to time IIRC.
  11. oldkettle

    Washing machines

    I know anything is possible :-) so decided to check. http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=CELEX:32010R1061, ANNEX VII. I won't quote the formulae from there but it seems they use the full cycle consumption numbers for certain modes.
  12. oldkettle

    Washing machines

    We, the consumers, want our washing to be cleaned well AND A+++ electricity and water economy at the same time, and the governments are pressing the producers to improve as well. Something's got to give. Last time I checked (and it is certainly the case with dishwashers), pressing one of those "want it now" buttons meant much higher electricity consumption.
  13. oldkettle

    Online Supermarket Shopping

    @Ferdinand Thank you for the essay. I do indeed know very little about diabetes so reading it and following a couple of links was very useful. One thing that caught my eye was the oscillating nature of natural insulin release. I wonder whether the pumps follow the pattern intentionally or just to minimise the number of tests. I read and know a bit about diets as it was useful for setting up my exercise regime (nearly 14 years non-stop, with a reasonable control of my weight). I am the kind of person who finds it easy to eat pretty much the same food every day with minimal variations. As an aside, I am certain most people don't consume nearly enough protein, which in turn forces them to top up with carbs. Restaurants are not a part of my routine but I am aware of how much sugar is used in a lot of sauces, i.e. Cantonese, which is one of my favourites. Nearly everything is OK in moderation. By the way, this is my problem with Atkins diet: I personally dislike any of them saying "don't eat product A at all". I am worried when milk, beetroot or fruits (sugar) are OK, whereas pasta or potatoes (starch) aren't. Not sure whether there was any misunderstanding with regards to the cost. I never considered who pays for the treatment because somebody has to anyway and I am not against NHS paying for something as important as insulin. I was just curious whether there is any good reason not to use the pump (for type 1) as the cost seems to be not much higher and the benefits are significant. I may have missed something but I could not find an argument against the pumps in your post either. When it comes to potential complications and the massive associated costs, I have seen people doing all kinds of horrible things to their bodies. It does make me angry and then I start thinking they should be paying for themselves. Anger is not good for me, I know.
  14. oldkettle

    Online Supermarket Shopping

    @Ferdinand I read raving reviews of continuous monitoring devices from one Microsoft guy and didn't realise it costed so much monthly to keep it going. The idea still feels right in a sense that most people IMHO don't notice early enough when their blood sugar level drops (or gets too high), so even 6 a day won't give them (not you) enough information. 0.25*6*30=£45, not much less than £50, I guess it is not a coincidence? My mother in law says in her case she only needed this frequency during some "tuning" phase. Which one is more usual scenario? Oh, and +1 on mental arithmetic tricks that surprise people for some reason.