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  1. I am not sure how many options your pan gives you as your seat choice may be limited by the type of the attachment. I am struggling to stop a cheap seat from Costco from quickly becoming loose on our Ideal Standard pan.
  2. Fair to say the next step is hiring a structural engineer? Or do I need to have ground tests first?
  3. No way to have an insulated slab in these conditions?
  4. Yes, thought about that. The equipment I want in the gym eventually is rather bulky so wouldn't fit comfortably, although 25m2 internal is probably enough for most. Only as the last resort though.
  5. I was naively confident that on our relatively large plot it would be easy to build a gym/temporary accommodation. But a recent thread got me quite worried that 2 or 3 meters from Leylandii is too close and likely prohibitively expensive. Here is the picture of the corner where I hoped to have it - 9m by 6m structure so would require BC. Yes, replacing the kids play house. The trees are about 7m tall on the left and 4m at the far side. How is my luck?
  6. Here is a picture I took while watching American TV show - they installed a new support beam. Doesn't answer the insulation question, sorry.
  7. We have something similar. I put a towel in a circle around the drain and then the plunger works fine.
  8. Out of interest, does it make much difference if the plasterer is good enough?
  9. well. that's pretty much what I thought - but what do I know, I am not a builder.
  10. Going through unread emails that accumulated over the last couple of months. As usual, houzz shows adverts for companies in "our area". OK, decided to have a look (I am desperate after all). That's them being proud I guess. I am not that desperate - yet.
  11. @Visti, it's a very thorough comparison. Looking at your original costing (from 2 years ago), it seems the "basic" price comes close to the sum of "ceiling + walls", but of course upgrades are much more expensive. I hope you will get a chance to update your spreadsheet sometime.
  12. What happens if I already have a house for which I have planning to extend? I want to build a rather large gym and live in it during the build. I know I can build it under PD rights, but do I need a permission to reside in it temporarily (assuming no proper kitchen but possibly internal WC/shower)?
  13. Hi, Could you possibly share the names of the companies you are talking to, via a PM if you prefer? Still looking for somebody who'd do an extension rather than a new build. Thanks!
  14. Homebuilding and Renovating marazine (6 month DD subscription) + Housebuilder's Bible 13th ed. by Mark Brinkley - £14.99 Other options available - I chose a digital subscription which is £17.49 https://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/hbr/xmas192/
  15. Do you have a link please?