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  1. OK, I've just checked and two forms were already a part of our planning 1) Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) - Determining whether a Development may be CIL Liable Planning Application Additional Information Requirement form (I guess this is Form 1) 2) Form 9: Self Build Residential Extension Exemption Claim Form I can see from correspondence that Assumption of Liability form was required as well before the application was accepted but can't see it uploaded to the site. It seems our architect has finally completed it for the first application but didn't include it with the second one - and the planner missed it. I hope this is not a problem as Form 1 still says "liable". So we are at a point where we must >>> Wait for the exemption to be granted in writing. Was that supposed to happen after the planning was granted? I didn't receive any messages or letters confirming it was granted.
  2. Yes, I actually read the first one as it is the first Google link and it is horrifying. I feel I will have to request a clarification from our council. A separate application may be due. Can you please comment on the exemption application before any BC documents are ready? I can't see a link between the two but would be good to know for sure. Basically, are there any prerequisites for CIL exemption application?
  3. No, it will be about 50m2 internal. But surely this way they might start charging people for sheds as nobody ever submitted the exemption form for those ? Is CIL not intended as a charge for living space?
  4. Very true. But I am not in a rush, just need to avoid making a stupid and costly mistake.
  5. Thank you, @Temp I hope the outbuilding will not require CIL as it is not planned as residential, the ultimate purpose is a gym, am I wrong here? BTW I wish we had it built earlier as now all gyms are closed. I fully understand the points regarding works that can be considered related to the main build and the commencement notice. On that note, can I send this exemption application and then the commencement notice before I have any building control documents? Maybe it is worth doing ASAP so that I am covered regardless?
  6. Hi, We are hoping to build a large outbuilding in the garden which may become our temporary accommodation while the house is extended if we ever get to this. We obviously need to have electricity, mains water and sewage there. Is it safe to dig a trench for services and foundations of the outbuilding without informing the council of the work for the purpose of CIL exemption? The outbuilding is not a part of planning. TA.
  7. I just watched this video They show it reaching the other side of the plasterboard. The pole is secured by normal screws, didn't see anchors. I will try plasterboard screws, they should be enough, the curtains are only half length and not heavy.
  8. Ah, so GripIt. Do I understand correctly that it should reach the other side of the ceiling? Not sure whether it's possible as being a dormer these tiles may well be attached straight to the roof structure.
  9. The wall feels as flimsy as the ceiling. It's a dormer window, built in the 60s.
  10. This is a room in the roof, don't think there are josts or rafters above although probably there should be something. Edited to add: this is probably the right way but not the easiest one 🙂 Thank you, Declan This type?
  11. Hi, Can't find a better place for this question. The ceiling in our room in the roof is covered with what looks like insulating tiles. No idea what's above, can't see it from the attic space. 50mm screw just disappears into the whole. What's the easiest way to fix the pole to this ceiling? Fill the hole with some foam? GripIt? Thanks in advance!
  12. I know about it but 1) it is not that difficult to connect the panels badly leaving massive gaps 2) the tapes still need to be applied on site, don't they? 3) how long before BT/Virgin /electrician /whatever other trade come along and drill a hole? It is still going to be better than an old house but will it be enough? Well, when Sips providers only "guarantee" 60 years and knowing how easy it is for things to go wrong (sole plate rot, trades replacing windows or doors 10 years down the line, mice getting in due to lack of maintenance) it is difficult to blame people for sticking with something they know will not be perfect but at least is not going to come crumbling down or need expensive structural repairs 20 years down the line. I watched quite a few American property programs and it was rare that no damage was present in a TF house, although on a positive note it was usually a matter of a few thousand dollars to fix.
  13. It is very dangerous to stick an extra tax on energy unless most other countries do the same: it will affect manufacturing. And obviously it would be a terrible idea to try and tax only residential energy. I wish it was a "simple" matter of spending 20K per house to bring them into the 21st century but it is not. EWI is not always suitable, floor insulation is very intrusive and making the roof warm is likely impossible. I am afraid only a mass rebuild program might help but the costs are prohibitive and I cannot see where the country could hire all those builders who'd suddenly start paying attention to quality. Can poor workmanship be designed out? I don't know but I doubt it. @ProDave, I agree with @Temp, the main reason for the lack of attention to quality is quantity. My wife asked several times whether we could just move to get more space, every time I had to reply "no way unfortunately" as we'd just get a larger cold house which needs even more money to heat.
  14. English is not my mother tongue but I am pretty certain "You sound like... " has a certain meaning.
  15. You sound like you'd vote for Jeremy Corbyn any day. Government-owned enterprise, yes, that's a recipe for success of countries. Why, oh why can't people learn by looking at other countries that tried really hard and still failed miserably. Why can't they see that authoritarianism is not a bug but a feature of socialism.