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  1. I get the same effect after a few bevvies!
  2. ragg987

    New PC

    For letters and basic spreadsheets you might get away with google documents. Downside (and upside) is they are stored in the Cloud so if Google withdraw the service you are knackered. I use and like the capability, it has the bonus that the files can be made available on most devices - smartphones, tablets etc. There is also (limited) capability to create an offline version that you can update without an internet connection. On a PC this can only work with Chrome browser, on Android devices you need the google applications installed.
  3. ragg987

    Beacon Broadband

    After we sold our old house (to raise the capital to complete our build), we rented a flat that was just the other side of that image. Lovely bit of morning shade! Now about 3 miles away as the crow flies, happy with that and perfect for aiming at!
  4. ragg987

    Beacon Broadband

    I have a similar arrangement with a Bucks wireless provider called Rapid Rural. They put a small receiver dish with PoE, aimed at the tallest building in Aylesbury which connects to the "mains". I get unlimited broadband with around 90Mbps down and 40Mbps up. Rolling 1 month and no contract, £35 + VAT. Generally reliable (much more so that BT FTTC), speeds do come down in the evenings when everyone is on the system. Also, it is quite different from other ISPs in that our side of the network is double-NATted - essentially like a corporate network. What this means is that I cannot allow access from the outside world into my network e.g. by configuring certain ports on the router. So I could not host my own web server at home, for example. I gues this also improves security at my end, but if this is important to you do check before you commit.
  5. ragg987

    Robomowers - any good?

    Theory is it cuts litle and often, so you let the clippings drop onto the lawn. I cannot see them after a mow. Our model has a 45 min run and 30 min charge cycle. I have programmed approx 4 hrs operational per weekday. It is a tiny electric motor and yes can be heard when you are about 10m away and in clear sight, but should not disturb neighbours through walls or open windows. Measure your boundary. Ours came with 200m (and sufficient pegs), I went to screwfix to get an additional single-core copper cable and used the 3m waterproof connectors supplied to join them. Note they do not like tall or wet grass. Ours has a rain sensor that stops it when wet. I have programmed a delay of 90 mins so after sensor gives the all-clear it gives the grass a chance to dry before it comes out.
  6. ragg987

    Robomowers - any good?

    Yes, I paid about £570 for mine. A good Honda petrol mower gets close to this plus you need to man it every time you want to cut the lawn. It made a lot of sense at that price.
  7. ragg987

    Robomowers - any good?

    I took the plunge on one of these. Momo is now part of the family and has been providing sterling service for 2 months so far. I love it! Some input: The boundary wire installation needs careful planning. our whole lawn area (front, back and sides) is one contiguous area so this worked well for us. route it around obstacles like beds make sure you allow for a permanent docking station with electical supply. Ours is on the side of the garage do not bury the wire initially, you will need to adjust layout as you fine-tune the installation hard obstacles like trees, vent stacks can be ignored if taller than about 100mm - the mower will bump, reverse and keep moving be careful of rapidly growing hedges, weeds etc creeping over the mowing area. they will stop the mower from working lanw area needs to be kept clear of toys, clothes, dropped fruit from trees etc. Momo chewed a sock that fell off the washing line, then sulked mower cannot take care of edges - i use a battery strimmer to do this I went with a Worx Landroid 106, suitable for our lawn area of approx 400m2. Good balance of features and price and some nice reviews, has a edge-trim function which makes the mower follow the boundary wire and get as clean an edge as is possible with this type of mower. These have app control so you can monitor and set your timers (need wi-fi in the garden). The app also permits multi-zone setup, I have not tried it. Momo has covered 100km since start and it is nice to come home to a trimmed lawn - I tend to work away from home so in the past we would go from knee high to cut and short and straggly - we now have farily even and well managed areas. I have not buried the wire so beware cutting too low as this will cut the wire and then mower stops. I have set it to about 45 mm and that suits us. Also be aware that the cutting is based on the robot wandering over the lawn at random, so some areas might get missed. If you extend the frequency and time every area should eventually get cut. No stripe effect possible. We send Momo out very day, though on weekends we reduce his working time. I purchased from here - they offered the best prices, a 5-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. Nothing to lose. https://www.myrobotcenter.co.uk/en_gb/lawn-and-pool-robots/lawn-mowing-robots?countryswitch=2&mrc_data_area_rasenmaehroboter=82
  8. ragg987

    NIBE or Mitsubishi ASHP?

    Have no experience of either, however do check that you have someone locally who can service the one you choose. I went with a hitachi and am struggling with that aspect - and the 5 year warranty is useless without a service.
  9. ragg987


    Waze app has speed limits and cameras, though no lane features.
  10. ragg987

    custom build - budget/any advice

    But if the builder is "supply and fit" this does not matter as the builder should zero-VAT the materials to you.
  11. Might depend on the ICF spec. We used Integraspec and were told it was suitable for direct plaster or render application. However we used batten and board to create a services cavity internally. Externally we rendered direct.
  12. Love this forum and constantly impressed at the knowledge base as hand. If someone told me this I would never have believed it!
  13. ragg987

    What WiFi system?

    I have a wi-fi router with 4 antennae. I have oriented these from vertical to horizontal, progressively, as well as placed it as centrral in the house as I can. This gives me coverage all through my 3-level house though weak in a couple of spots. I am toying with a 9dBi antenna, not pulled the trigger on this yet.
  14. I suspect people on this forum build to a better standard as we are not willing to put up with the quality most new builds have, so I would say of little, or no relevance. My target was to exceed most of the above.
  15. ragg987

    custom build - budget/any advice

    £1,500 should be achievable, if the circumstances are right. Beware plots on sloping ground, with no services, demolitions with asbestos or bat surveys. We only had a fixed price on the timber frame, the rest we used local builders or specialist trades. And purchase your own materials rather than supply by builder, I found they pop into the local BM and pick whatever they need at a higher price than I could usually find.