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  1. Hi, about 2 weeks ago I started to see an "unresponsive script" error on my android phone when browsing buildhub, having used it for months prior without issue. After a day or so it disappeared, then today it is back. I have a suspicion this is an issue with the way the "all activity" view works. This view is meant to show the most recent postings, with the title, who posted and a few lines of the posting as a preview. I noticed that in fact the whole post is downloaded and then the screen compresses to show the top few lines of the post. I noticed this effect a couple of times when the whole post flashed on the screen for a second and then the screen display adapted to show only a few lines. I suspect the problem manifests when there is a large post in the list. An example being the My nightmare heating system thread, which has a lot of images inline and takes a while to download and render on my mobile phone. Any thoughts? Reason could well be something else, but the unresponsive script makes it impossible to use. Android 6.01 using Firefox browser (my main one), but also repeatable on Chrome browser.
  2. Maybe different in Scotland? I just submitted on the website and there was no discussion or panel. England.
  3. I made a successful appeal, they put our build into Band H and I challenged and got it reduced to G. This was based on our planning drawings that (I assume) the council planning had forwarded to them. The key is that valuation bands are based on a notional value at a key date. For England that date is April 1991. So you need a time machine for a house built now. The 3 sources of information I used were: VOA for actual banding of local houses http://cti.voa.gov.uk/cti/inits.asp Zoopla for current house pricing Nationwide House price calculator for the time machine https://www.nationwide.co.uk/about/house-price-index/house-price-calculator Plug your new build house value into nationwide to get the price at the key date. You have your banding, if it is clear-cut and in the middle of a band you may be fine, but I took a belt-and-braces approach and looked at a range of house in our area (using VOA band+1, band, band-1) then checked last sale price or current valuation on zoopla and hence checked the price using the time-machine. Tabulate all this evidence and submit to VOA via their website. About 5 or 6 weeks later I got a nice letter agreeing with an apology for getting it wrong, followed about a month (might have been longer) later by an adjusted council tax bill. I was lucky that zoopla had calculated the valuation of our new build. I suspect this was because I used my zoopla account to update the information about the new property prior to this event. You may be able to use a valuation from an estate agent - ours provided one for free, I think that is commonplace.
  4. Enhancing Video

    You cannot add resolution that does not exist in the original. So unless you are trying to remove video noise or similar artifacts, or artificially colour it or chane the contrast, don't think you will get much benefit. If you have an older Windows version, you could try the included Movie Maker - I think it has some basic tools. They removed this from recent versions (definitely Win 10, maybe earlier).
  5. @j_s my issues were on the supply duct more than on the exhaust - after heat exchange the exhaust tends to be around 8 or 9C, wheres supply can be below 0.
  6. Ideally the insulation keeps moisture out else you will get condensation, which leads to soggy insulation (best case) or structural damage due to moisture if left too long. I had to insulate my ducts 4 times before I got it right. The first 3 were foil-backed insulation wrapped around the duct and sealed with aluminium tape. I thought this would be watertight, but after a few months the condenstion became visible. Does not help that the ducts in question were in our utility room where humidity can rise as we have a clothes line in there. In the end i used Armaflex - no issues since.
  7. Not sure if this is feasible. You want to demolish the very thing that provides security against your mortgage. You might need to borrow against the notional land value as a self build mortgage which pays out in stages as build value increase. If that is right you may need to inject cash to reduce the initial loan value. I took my mortgage with the Melton. Might require a discussion to plot a way forward.
  8. Nearly ready to start

    Stunning views. Best of luck with build.
  9. Unpleasant Discharge!

    The table is quite clear on this. £34 per request, each request is for one or more condition. Our council (AVDC) accepted one fee for multiple conditions, I discharged them all through one application.
  10. Travis Perkins: Cash or Credit?

    I pretty much avoided the chain BM for my requirements. Opaque pricing and generally quite high. I tended to shop in advance on internet, and managed to establish a few key relationships over the 'phone. 95% paid in advance. Where we needed something urgently, went through my builders account and he invoiced me. Probably paid a higher price by doing this, but by having this option for low-value and urgent requirements kept us working.
  11. Oak stairs pros and cons

    Slippery is matter of what you finish it with. We used Osmo polyx, and our teenage boys run around in bare feet or socks and no issues so far. Osmo also have a non slip finish if you are worried. In terms of noise, I suspect this will depend on construction method more than anything else. If your treads are light with limited bracing you have a drum effect and resonant structure. Thicker treads will be better. We have chunky treads with no risers. Solid and noise free unless used with hard shoes. This is where MDF is good, it is not as resonant as a hard wood. Maybe engineered or veneered stairs?
  12. Cost of floor tiling

    We paid £200 / day labour only for all our tiling. Approx 3 days per bathroom, porcelain tiles, including floors and part walls (shower, sink, toilet, bath). About 20m2 of tiling per bathroom, it involved some more complex corners, joints, holes etc as well as trims. The labour was cheaper than materials. Our local indy tiler gave great advise, customer service (we walked away with a boot full of samples) and supplied all tiles, grouts, adhesives, trims, tanking, drills at a good discount. Don't underestimate the cost of the bits - you can easily double the tile cost by the time you add the rest in. Prices on tiles can be crazy, and £61 seems very high, we compared a few on site and settled on a £26 one (after discount). Definitely man-made but it has all the lovely texture and randomness you can expect of natural stone.
  13. Casement vs tilt and turn?

    Our build has T&T and I do like them. Tilt is very convenient and allows ventilation while still secure from casual intruders. We have curtains on some of our windows but the tilt remains inside the reveal and curtains are on the outside, so no issues here. Turn is inwards, which means window ledges cannot have lots of things stacked on them. We hardly ever use this feature, but it makes cleaning of glass very easy, as noted above. Don't think inward or outward opening has much impact on ingress by rain - if wide open you are letting water in anyways, if opening a crack then there may be a benefit but why not just tilt it instead? Our windows seal well (part of pressure test of whole home) and as the mechanism is multi-point I do not think it will be an issue. One other decision on T&T, the mechanism can be either tilt-then-turn or turn-then-tilt. If you are mainly interested in tilt then the first option might be more convenient. In our case we have key lock windows and if locked the window permits tilt-only without a key, provided it is in the tilt-then-turn configuration. MVHR is designed to provide adequate ventilation with all windows closed - that is its primary role. We leave ours always on and it will boost when bathroom humidity rises. I prefer not to switch off even when we open windows, just let it do its thing 24x7.
  14. Do it yourself, you will need to borrow / hire an airflow meter. I got a blank form from my supplier which I filled, signed and submitted. Do you have target flows for each vent? This should have been calculated during design.
  15. Project Managers

    Yes, Prince 2 are about methodology, critical path, risk management, stakeholders etc. But of course to apply these methods you need to know a lot about the subject. They go hand-in-hand, you cannot have one and not the other to be effective at it.