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  1. Sunamp PCM34 is now back on and I am advised that Andrew Bissell will be releasing a letter as a follow up to the previous letter later in July once he returns from his holiday. This is all I know for now. Kind regards For and on behalf of Sunamp Ltd. AndyT.
  2. @Pete do you already have solar PV? If so then i can do a monthly off-set analysis As I showed @Nickfromwales today one client was hell bent (with a PH build) on having 14.3kWp of PV on his roof. I worked out his DHW and space heating loads and realised he was short by 18.3kWh per day in Jan and Dec, and 3.6kWh per day in Feb. The rest of the year there was a surfeit of generation. My 1st question back to the consultant was "do you really think the client needs an ASHP?" thinking an electric towel rail or two would be able to make up the difference if really needed. 18kWh a day for 60 days = 1080kWh at 7.7pkWh off-peak = £81 With an ASHP typically costing £9k fitted, £9000 /£81 = 111 years!! Consultant replied saying client would be informed of my observations, but might still want to have the ASHP installed. ?
  3. @willbish did not clock you were in Brisl - me in W-s-M - but i guess you already sussed that out.
  4. @JSHarris, seen the email to AB cc'd ET AT, AB is on holiday ATM so will (I guess) reply on his return.
  5. @willbish Many thanks for your understanding. Yes just super hectic since Silverstone Fully Charged Live. I am going to the office in Scotland next week where I will see the new production line in the factory and be discussing numerous things. One of which is the new product is the UniQ dPV 2 and 3 ( 2=HW only and 3=HW and space heating) the importance of this is with no future FIT or export tariffs! Clearly why would you want to install a PV system and give away the export for nothing. "bonkers"! It also has an affect on DNO applications for connection to new builds. If you go to the DNO and ask for a connection the 1st thing they now ask, (knowing that Building regs want Solar PV for SAP) is "oh and will you be installing solar PV on the property?" As soon as you say yes, guess what the connection price increases (surprise surprise) as they want to penalise you for re-enforcing the grid. So we took the approach - keep it DC, charge the heat batteries directly, avoid cost of a grid tied inverter and the losses converting DC to AC etc. Combined Primary Storage Units (CPSU's) are very well favoured by SAP so add points. It's fair to say I have not seen this yet as I have not visited the factory recently but "we" have engaged with a national house builder to do a trial on 16 properties. When I get back I will know more and will be able to discuss. KR nite nite. AndyT
  6. @willbish Humble apologies - you are quite right, - I did check and we did get your funds but I was tardy not to reply to you. I do hope you will accept my sincere apologies. And a BIG thank you. Kind regards AndyT.
  7. Agreed early days and it took us 6.5 years of R&D before Mk1. we are now at Mk.3 - so I agree with trying to keep powder dry in the early stages. Things are about to get "very " exciting and hence why I am staying on past retirement age to enjoy it!
  8. For those who may be trying to load shift their heat pumps to an off-peak tariff and may have not heard about Economy 10, this site might just be the place you want to go to check out just who can supply you and who has the best prices. The site is independantly run by Mark, who was frustrated when he moved into a new house, trying to find out just who did E10 and what prices they sold it for as none of the comparison sites list it. Most areas of the country have E10 times of - 00:00 to 05:00 then 13:00 to 16:00 and 20:00 to 22:00 (10 hours) I have been using this for some time with iSupply energy and currently pay 7.5pkWh off-peak. If i had an ASHP with a Cop of 3 then the running cost would be 2.5pkW thermal - less than 1/2 the cost of gas depending where you get it from. Having 3 periods during the day means that you can charge bi-modally and the thermal store can therefore be 50% smaller than if you were doing it with Economy 7. Just food for thought. KR AndyT
  9. And when the first motor carriage replaced the horse and cart - a man with a red flag was sent ahead ....
  10. Hi physical differences are; No circulating pump because the heating element is now sitting under the plate heat exchanger. This has the benefit of simplifying the hydraulics. The safety thermostat is now remote, so you do not have to take the lid of the box off get a torch and long screwdriver to reset - just push the external reset button. Pipes now come out of the top of the cell and then into a 90 degree bend and can be directed out of the box through knockouts which ever way/direction you wish. Because of the pipe change and removal of pump heat exchanger can be larger with more PCM so it has a greater capacity Rather than having 2 cells there is now just 1 - again simplifies design and works better because there is no chimney effect between the cells and now gives us an ERP rating of A+ SunampPV was 5kWh of storage UniQ eHW 9 is still just for DHW but has the increased capacity (nearly same size) UniQ sizes now go (understated to kWh storage capacity) 3 - 70 lts 6 - 140 lts 9 - 210 lts 12 - 280lts or 14kWh in storage with 0.8kWh/24h SHL = 13.2kWh out All of above have the same footprint and grow in height with size 80 - 90kWh of storage, approx weight 1.5 ton. 20' container close to 2MWh - legal road weight is limiting factor.
  11. Hi, I sure you understand that being an employee of Sunamp I have to keep on the right side of the BH Police. I do try to have a look in here from time to time but it's by no means every day @Nickfromwales has my contact details if you need me. Kind regards to all. AndyT.
  12. So reading through this topic, I didn't see any mention of gas tumble dryers! About 17 years ago, my wife was fed up of the condensing washer/dryer we had - it was less than useless at drying. Working at the local GP surgery, patients often contributed to reading matter in the waiting room where she spied a Which comparison of tumble dryers. Not slow at being forward, she grabbed the magazine for a spot of lunchtime reading. "Darling" she said (I always know what's coming next, and it involves me spending money. Not that I'm tight just that I was always taught to be cautious ?) "I was reading this article about tumble dryers and they now have one that works on gas!" - "Really says I" well that was it, curiosity got the better of me and I had to know more. Turns out it was made by a company called "White Knight" and it was A+, well as you can imagine that got my attention and you guessed it we got one. Having it plumbed in by my then Corgi pal, we fired it up and the results were amazing. Beautifully fluffy towels drying in super quick time typically 45 or less minutes and running it on Economy 10 we put it on between 1pm and 4pm or 8pm and 10pm for ultra low cost off-peak electric costs and very good gas costs too. Over the years I recon it must have saved me a significant wedge and I certainly got my money's worth. That was in March of 2000. Here we are in June 2018 and I am on my 2nd one, the 1st failing from a bearing problem. I did call out the local repair man but he said "sorry mate I cant touch it I'm not Gas safe" Looking online again, I saw they were only <£300 so I ordered another. This was an upgraded model to the previous one with reverse action too, still A+ a winner! https://drive.google.com/open?id=14ylgLdkWFm6JjIpHf_ixUD28nDIaUfkq For those of you with ASHP's, I would recommend having the exhaust blow out into the external fan unit to increase the temperature and subsequent CoP. Equally with a bit of ingenuity the exhaust heat might be used for something else? Just for interest, I hooked up my Hopi meter to the unit to measure what it draws electrically. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1znDd-Y-wLfy_-p1K1BbInqM5qj6620LL 0.76amp - 160w - power factor 0.88. Enjoy. KR - AndyT.
  13. Don't tempt me Hot tubs are favorite subject of mine with leisure parks on changeover days; HSE - tubs must be drained cleaned and sanitised on changeover days.
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