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Oak, oak, oak , it robs me blind but i like my oak




Ordered some Window cills and door linings.

Had a quick discussion with the carpenters

"What do you want to use for door linings and window Cills"

"what are the options"

"well , you could use anything- plastic , painted or stained Pine , Cills from stone - but if it was me,m i probably would put oak - you spent a lot of time and effort on the bl%$&y thing so would be a shame to now start penny pinching on the parts that you really can see"

"well , i guess oak it is then"

....checking current prices:





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You can get oak veneered plywood and add a bull nose. Might work out cheaper. Some of our window cills are left over engineered oak flooring. When I built an oak clad out building my neighbours had some of the left overs for their window cills. Only last week another left over board got used you make a coat rack for the village hall. Can never have enough oak.

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1 hour ago, ProDave said:

This thread details how I made my own Oak door liners 


Yep . Carpenter done the same. They are in already. Now next stop: I bought these bad boys:Screenshot_20220428-211116.thumb.jpg.b676971d20a3f5d3af923b4fa6aa9fe9.jpg

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