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Another type of wind use.




Yes we all agree the challenges regard domestic wind turbines: too small to produce the power or too big to get permission and so on, so let move on...


My wife often comments that it's very windy here and we have been thinking of how to utilise the wind to produce electricity when we came across these ideas:




The first thing to be done is to work out the direction and wind speed on top of our roof to see if this is at all practical. 


Being on the Isle of Wight we have had a blast or too recently and our PV stayed on the roof! (thank goodness its always embarrassing asking the neighbours for bits of your home back).


Situated in a dip/shallow valley the wind seems to pass us north to south or south to north which would suit the ridge.


So I have ordered a wind direction and wind speed monitor and will set it up to see what we have. With this information I can then consider if we have enough wind to make it worth while.


Wish me luck!



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Appears a good idea but fixed in one direction so only works when wind comes from that direction?

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It appears the system failed the MCS requirements as a micro generation system and the idea died a death in this country....

Also it caused complications when requesting connection to the grid...


However, I will carry on...

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You could always connect it off grid, to immersion heaters for example.

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28 minutes ago, JohnMo said:

You could always connect it off grid, to immersion heaters for example.

Oh yes, but now will need planning permission...

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It's a strange world we live in, we are told there is a need to save the planet, but before you can help, fill in all this paperwork and we'll let you know...and once we have had our say, now go through another organisation for them to have their say...

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