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I have no illusions about the challenges with wind turbines! 


Going to look at supplementing the power supply using wind. No not a wind turbine. The idea of using a turbine at the ridge of the house, butbefore doing this I need to know the wind direction and speed at the top of the roof to work out if it has potential.


It's quite windy here and usually, because of the valley/dip were in seems to run either north to south or south to north. But I need hard evidence! Therefore I have ordered a weather station and will install it on the roof to find out.


There are a couple of models which seem to have been designed:




I will update with any results later


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Another type of wind use.

Yes we all agree the challenges regard domestic wind turbines: too small to produce the power or too big to get permission and so on, so let move on...   My wife often comments that it's very windy here and we have been thinking of how to utilise the wind to produce electricity when we came across these ideas:       The first thing to be done is to work out the direction and wind speed on top of our roof to see if this is at all practical. 


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