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The End of Week 1




The first week of the build is over and I've collated our time-lapse footage for the week and made a 2 minute video, hosted on Vimeo



we're a little disappointed at the speed of the dig but the boss has only given us one driver to do the digging/dumping/lorry loading so a lot of his time is spent moving the spoil around. but I've been told that more hands might be on-site next week and a bigger excavator so fingers crossed that happens and we see more progress next week.


The basement contractors are due in a week so they need to get moving if they want to hit that deadline!


Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video.


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Cracking video and I shall look forward to this unfolding. The "one driver / operator" approach reminded me so much of my situation. Not that we were moving the quantities you have, but nonetheless, our ground needed to be stripped and the Contractor left just one bloke on site to use both machines. As I was in a position to do so, I helped out by operating the dumper. The job still took two and a half days mind! Probably would have taken half that if left to his own devices!! ??

This was the view from "my office" for a few days.


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6 minutes ago, Redoctober said:

As I was in a position to do so, I helped out by operating the dumper.

I've thought about going out to help but then I thought I probably shouldn't with the whole health and safety thing will there being deep excavations very near the spoil pile! plus, the way he drives the dumper to the top of the mountain of soil with ease is way beyond my dumper abilities. this is one activity I'm happy to leave to the professionals. 

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