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Building Control



After obtaining planning, i got my building controll aplication under way. I had 2 options

- Pay £1100 for Building Notice

- Pay £900 for Full Plans.


Everyone on here recommends full plans, and it was a cheaper fee. I knew i'd have to either pay for the plans or do them myself. I opted to do them myself after loads of research on this forum (particiularily inspired by @HerbJ )


Here's my version of Herb's spec.


Building Regulation Specification Redacted.pdf


I paid a structural engineer to do the calcs.




And then I did all the details, layouts and thermal calcs myself.



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I paid for the application in August 2023 to allow me to get on with getting the footings in for the extension (and have them inspected). I then spent 3 months maybe, doing the plans in the evenings. I finally submitted them in October. They came back after about 6 weeks and asked for some ammendments (that are included above) and finally got approval 19th December 2023.



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