What size whacker plate for concrete floor prep?

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I have been looking at the various weights of whacker plates available, this is in preparation for my concrete garage floor pour 25 m2. I need to rise the height from the subsoil with 280mm of hardcore. I assume MOT1 hardcore is the right base. What grade/weight of whacker plate do I need for this job?


At the low end I could buy an Evolution electric compactor that weighs 26kg for £182.


Moving up to hire options HSS offer a light model that weighs 59kg and costs £24 for a weekend.



The medium HSS whacker is 84kg and £48 for a weekend.


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I've used one of the Evolution electric compactors for my parking area and I will use it for my workshop base. I used <50mm crushed concrete in ~70mm layers up to 200mm and it worked surprisingly well. I wanted to be able to take my time through January when the weather was good so buying my own made sense. For the final wack I will hire a much larger one for a day.



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You’ll need the heaviest one you can get for that depth - they have a force rating normally as to the tonnes they apply. 


A quick fag packet estimate is there is 15 tonnes of type 1 to go down there... all by hand ..?? I would get it tipped as close as possible and then get a mini digger to dig and spread. I reckon that’s probably 2-3 days for one person as it’s not a quick job and can’t go down in one layer. 


Another option would be to lose some of that depth with EPS - 150mm of EPS over 130mm of type 1 would be quicker and easier and also give your garage floor some insulation for when you’re working in it. 


If you want more info then Paving Expert is a good site






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