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Heat shock pre tiling


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Evening all,


Our slab was poured about 2 years ago now & with tiling down stairs now looking imminent I have been advised to heat shock the slab pre tiling (UFH).  Starting off by increasing the temp by 1 - 2 degrees a day up to a max and then hold that temp for a week and then drop in back down by 1 - 2 degrees a day.  The only snag is that no one seems to be able to tell me what the max temp should be, today I put it up to 23degrees - I can't see us every running it warmer than that.  Does anyone know how high we need to take it to?



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I'm pretty sure its as dry as it can be - the tiler is just worried about expansion ....


I will take them all up to a room temp of ~ 23/24 - hopefully that will be enough.


The drive from Kent to the Midlands will reduce his productiveness a bit I suspect.....

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