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Cooker hood in a passive house

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On 09/02/2019 at 10:31, Alex C said:

We have a recirculating extract over the hob that works really well. We also have an mvhr extract about a meter set back from the recirculating hood extract. The flow rate of the mvhr is many times lower than the extract hood, but over time removes any smells and the extract hood removes grease from the air.

We have a 30 year old rental apartment with constant extract above the cooker with no filters. The amount of grease this has collected over time and has stuck in the duct is disgusting and really shows the importance of something to trap the grease and not just rely on the mvhr to extract .

Which recirculating extractor do you have, what is the noise level and do you cook many frys?

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I’m impressed with the Neff hob recirculation. It works far better than I was expecting. We don’t fry a lot of food. It is noisy on full blast but they all are otherwise they don’t work. 

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