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Researching for Masters in Architecture


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Hi there,


Hi, my name is Francesca I am currently studying my Masters Degree in Architecture at Northumbria University in Newcastle and over the summer I have been reading and collecting research on the current housing crisis with a focus on self-build / custom-build housing as a means of providing good quality, affordable homes tailored to individual needs for my dissertation, but what I would really like to know from yourselves, are people’s genuine experiences of taking on their own self-build or custom build project, whether you're currently in the process or have completed the project. Hearing first hand your experiences is much more valuable than the articles that can be accessed online. I would be ever so grateful if you could follow the link below and fill out a short survey, any question can be passed but the more information you can give me the stronger case I can build for my thesis. All information given is kept completely confidential and in line with the university’s ethical guidelines alongside the Data Protection Act (2018). No names or addresses are required.




Thank you in advance, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me via PM. 


Frankie Paul

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Couple of very minor things:

  • The survey finished quite abruptly with an ad from Survey Monkey asking me to join. There was nothing to say I'd reached the end, and at first it felt like something had gone wrong.
  • One question per page and an "okay" needed after every question before clicking "next" meant an awful lot of clicking for the amount of information given. For future surveys, I'm sure that with some planning you could cut the number of clicks by two thirds without affecting the substance of the survey.

I hope you get lots of responses and that they're helpful. :)

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