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Work canopy for our flat roof: wiggle wire


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You'll know that the one thing that characterises our build is interruption and delay.


Getting fed up it with now to be honest. Main roof is nearly done - just the flat roof to do and we'll be water tight. I seem to have timed the flat roof build perfectly to coincide with the onset of the bad weather. 


The end in mind is to make sure that rain doesn't stop play while building the flat roof. So, a design for a plastic canopy is bubbling away in what , for me, currently passes for a brain.


The design: 

  • a series of five 25mm plastic water pipe hoops attached to the wall held in place by
  • a temporary wall plate at the top
  • a vertical scaffold tube at the bottom (the poly pipe simply slots in to it - secured by a screw), and
  • two wooden purlins to keep the hoops apart and steady - about a third from the top and bottom

Its how to keep a grip on the plastic at the top and bottom that's exercising my little grey cells.  Until I saw this....


Wiggle wire

Further digging came up with Poly Track, Agra Lock and others.


Any of you farmers out there who have experience with Wiggle Wire? Any gottchas ?



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