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It normally includes all costs that were needed for the actual build of the working house, including utility connections, runs for foul drains, rainwater drains, power and phone cable runs and gas pipe runs.


It's not normal to include plot costs, or landscaping costs as a rule.  For example, we bought our plot relatively cheaply (around £50k under market price) but then spent a bit over £50k getting it level and suitable to use as a building plot, and those plot levelling costs weren't included in our cost per m² to build the house, as I considered them to just bring the plot up to its market value.  I did include the cost of drilling our water borehole and installing the treatment system in our build cost per m², as that was equivalent to a utility cost, in my view.

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For a while, it felt like we would never build as we were saving for years, but we decided to put in the access, water and electricity a few years before we actually started. Although this pretty much depleted our funds it enabled us to have services ready and dig foundations on day one. 


If for some reason we didn't proceed the money invested would have just have added value to the site. 


We were in the fortunate position of not having to pay for the land as it was previously used for agricultural purposes. So kinda viewed this as being our 'plot costs''






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5 minutes ago, Curious said:

Thanks for the reply guys.


Im trying to do initial costings on the basis of £120/m2 and someone threw me off the scent a little by suggesting I should factor in utility connections on top.


£1200 surely? 

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6 hours ago, PeterW said:

Two things affecting your budget will be where you’re located and how much you can do yourself. 


Perfectly possible to get to £1200 with plenty of (your) effort and some bargain hunting ...


Im based in Northumberland Peter.


I have a friend/mentor building regularly in and around Birmingham and he tells me he builds for £1200/m2 without doing any work other than managing the project and buying sensibly. My plan is to do similar as Im not physically able to do any work myself.


Im currently doing my homework on a plot that already has PP for a 200m2 5 bed two story house, 2 bathroom and attached double garage. For the sums to work out I really need the house to come in at £240,000 finished, that would include a small amount of landscaping. Without a crystal ball its a daunting task trying to estimate this at the moment.



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