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Well, I think I have asked something similar before on the BH forum ...and it ended in me googling a load of info on Level access thresholds etc.

the Building inspector came over last week ...to check the roof and structure and I was talking to him about low thresholds as i am STILL worried about
water ingress and DPC differences and stuff ..He didn't seem to think it was difficult ...In fact didn't seem to flinch or question :)


But he DID say the way he would cope with it ....which i suppose translates to "you better do it this way"


He basically suggested an ACO slot drain ....Which I havd already surmised ....but then told me to basically FOLD the DPC into a C shape at the thresholds

not sure what he meant there ...I should have asked ..I am guessing that it meets the REAL dpc at the lower level and then scoops up and into the brickwork just UNDER the
ACO ....maybe :)


The problem I have (one of loads) ...is that the wife "wants" these lowered thresholds at the back ...but there are 3 doors there ...so I suppose to keep the patio level it would be 
wise to do them all ?


Otherwise the patio line at the house will be going up and down like fiddlers elbow ....not a good look


But then again ...would this mean running an ACO across the ENTIRE back of the house line ..sounds mad i know ....but I am scare dto death of breaching the integrity of the 
DPC layer ....but also dont want rainwater backing up into the doorways


These pics should help explain what i mean ...yellow bits are doorways ....red bit is the extent of the patio

and i suppose that pic is how they might look 




bifold ACO2.jpg

Patio Level ACO.JPG

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What he means it's you are using 450mm dpc to tank the brickwork. As your build is tf you don't have to worry about keeping wall ties in proper coursing so you can put extra in at the level your dpc folds back in. 

You build the dpc in at the bottom then fold it up making sure the back of the bricks is clean and then build it in again. 

The black line will be your patio. It will fall away from the house anyway so with the dpc, the fall and a French drain you will be well covered.




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