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Yes I’m just about to purchase a second fix

210 plus vat

I bought the first fix Hittachi and have put three roofs floors joists Still going strong

Same nails and gas as paslode. 

12 month guarentee 

We have a Hitachi dealer near us

and these guns are the only Hitachi product he doesn’t sell

He reckons the online sellers are making about £30 per gun

Stack em high sell them cheap


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 The hitachi is OK.. it is cheap and looks and handles very well, but its not tough or up to contact work. We run  mostly air and a few paslodes . I bought a hitachi as it was on offer and it was great i nearly bought another until things started breaking and it in went in to be fixed 3 times. Its only fired maybe 5000 nails which is nothing and we look after our kit. I always   prefer air 1st and 2nd fix   even on site with a hose to drag round but thats just  me. A decent small compressor  £250 plus vat and air nailer £200 plus vat. will fire 100'000 nails with a drop of oil and next to no maintenance.  We still have cordless nailers but they all have issues with dirt and cold weather etc etc , out of gas .flat battery,fans .  Air hoses  do have health and safety issues as a down side.

Id say the Hatachi is an ok tool if you use it for self build ,clean it, box it and let no one else use it. treated with kid gloves it may survive a few bumps but thats it. Mine was a 2016  so they may have made changes

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