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ASHP Located on opposite side of house from plant room?

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I'm about to submit a planning application for our new house. I'm thinking about putting the ASHP on the opposite side of the house from the plant room. This would keep it away from neighbours and be less visible for us. The house will have UFH and the connections to the ASHP would run under the kitchen/family room, about 14 m.


Is there anything wrong with that?

Where should the flow and return pipes sit in the foundation build up?

Insulated obviously but also in a conduit?


Any watch outs?



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No it’s what we did. Shorter runs are better generally. Our plant room is in the centre of the house so only about 7m to the ASHP. Keep in mind it will be longer than the straight line distance as it will need to go down a fair way at either end to accommodate your floor build up and the bend radius of the pipe. I used duo insulated pipe. No need to out it in a conduit. You can make up your own due type insulated pipe as some have on here. 

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