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ICF and DPC advice please.


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Hi All,

Having read plenty of interesting posts on here this is my first time posting.

We're building an ICF house on strip foundations with block and beam floor. Our structural engineer has stated that where there are small pillars of ICF  in between patio doors and window that we need to build the ICF straight off the strip footing with rebar up through the centre of the column. This is to create more strength in these narrow columns but I foresee damp problems as the DPC isn't continuous.

Would a steel frame around the openings be a better solution and can this be anchor bolted direct onto the block and beam, therefore keeping the DPC intact? 

Before going back to chat with my SE just wondered if anyone can offer any advice. Many thanks.





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Thanks  Russell the rest of the icf starts on the block and beam as below, so standard dpc. 

In your experience is the waterproof admixture as good as a normal damp proof membrane? 






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I wouldn't worry about it. Concrete laid well is barely porous. Water tanks are made from it without lining.

It will get damp and stay damp but very little will rise through it. 

Dpc or dpm above it will suffice. The effect of the reinforcement is not important either but paint it in bitumen at the concrete interface if you like.

Just build if all well.


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Thanks very much. Have spoken with the ICF company again and they've advised that it'll be fine. As you say it was the reinforcement that comes up through that had us concerned but have been advised to paint on Remmers mk 2K. 

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