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Need advice please.

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This isn’t a self build but a developer build. I’m in need of advice please. I see a lot of knowledgeable people on the forum. 

I have logged a claim with the NHBC (they are coming out next month). 

I’m wanting advice/opinions on what the NHBC will probably do if anything with the issues I have logged and if those in the know think these issues are worth pursuing. It’s taken me 2 years to get this far due to housebuilder saying the plastering is fine (their actual words) and the water supply pipe will comply with Water Regs if Denzo tape is used. 

Firstly, the main supply pipe into the house isn’t in conduit or a sleeve. A good friend of mine who is a chartered building surveyor noticed this issue after the dishwasher needed an Engineer. (Photo of water pipe). The hole is under the dishwasher and the pipe has at least 6 connectors.  

The photo of the plastering on the open plan kitchen ceiling is taken in natural daylight 2 meters distance.

I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous, this has caused me months and months of stress, various contractors visiting (the housebuilder sent in the groundworkers three times for the water supply pipe who said it’s not their issue, plumbers came out at least twice saying it’s nothing to do with them and house builder finally saying in their writen final response Denzo tape will be applied. 

I’m beginning to get really stressed as it’s still a live active site and the quality control manager is now ignoring me when I see her on the estate (I absolutely dislike confrontation). 

I’d appreciate any advice please.

Thank you in advance. 






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Can you explain your problem please?  Do you actually have a problem with something not working?  Or a theoretical problem because something has been done in practice in a way that differs from how you think it it should have been done?

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The plastering isn't immaculate but without seeing it from different angles it's not too bad. The light oblique from the window is making it look it's worse. Open the curtains or take a picture from below and it'll look better. 


If you hold a torch along any of our walls they will often appear with ripples. As much from my spray painting as anything else. And we had really good plasterers. 


It's just a fact of any hand made product. Imperfections will be there. 


I have no idea about your other pipe issue or what even is wrong sorry. 


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