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Ballpark figure for garage conversion and extension

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Could anyone help me out with an approximate ball park figure on the cost of the following work. We want to convert a garage of size 5.4m by 2.74m into a habitable space with a dividing wall. We want to build a small extension the width of the garage (2.74m) at the front of the house of size approximately 1.5m (so 1.5m by 2.74m) to encase the current front door and act as a porch/entrance room. I have attached current floor plans and a terrible piece of MS paint work to show the new idea as well as pictures of the house and inside the garage. This will also include fitting of a window at the back of the garage and a window and door on the new extension, also seeing no alternative to get light into the front office it will also include an internal window between the porch area and office space 2. 

Current Floor Plan.PNG

Front of house view.jpeg


New Floorplan idea.PNG

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