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Paved Driveway vs gravel


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My Mum's driveway is bordered by a 0.5m wide gravel section on one side - it's on a slight slope towards the driveway. The gravel migrates onto the driveway. We had looked at installing a grid system under the gravel but it still needs 3cm of gravel on top of it. I'm not confident it will address the issue. We could use larger stone sizes maybe above 10mm towards 20mm but without a verge I can't see this issue completely being solved. My Mum doesn't like a brick verge as she things she'll trip over it when she gets out of the car. Just thought I'd ask for advice, we could remove the gravel and concrete it in but it would look rough. Any suggestions? Thanks. 

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Small round topped kerbing (sometimes called round top pin kerb) between the driveway and the gravel, installed so only the round top is above the level of the driveway - probably won't stop all of the gravel migration, but might reduce it.

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