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tails in individual conduits to meter?

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Meter tails need to be moved but they need to be run in conduit for mechanical protection through a cavity. Due to route they will take they can't be fitted in a single conduit as it's too big to fit past a steel. Is there any reason that the individual tails couldn't each be run in 20mm conduit (which will clear obstruction) and just have 3 gland nuts either end? There is loads of room to do that and it would make it simple.

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If steel conduit then no because of risk of eddy currents. 

If plastic then I don’t see what the conduit is offering. 

Can you run in SWA as it sounds like meter tails are not ideal here?

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On a related point, even passing meter tails through separate holes in a steel cabinet can cause issues. If you have to do that, put a hacksaw cut between the 2 holes.

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