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Presence detection

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9 hours ago, MikeSharp01 said:

You can get what I suspect is the chip from mouser - https://www.mouser.co.uk/new/texas-instruments/ti-mmwave-iwr6x-sensors/ Alternatively if you just want to watch one person SEEED studio do a 24GHz (and here, apropos another thread this morning, I think we use a capital G although I have forgotten why) is one I have been experimenting with! It works OK but fine tuning is proving interesting - its a pain adjusting settings while lying down to get it to detect a fall!



Mouser is good !

I’m waiting on my esp32 s3 box 3 - out of stock everywhere. Then replace Alexa with local voice recognition 😊

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Installed another in the kitchen . Currently on test . Forgot they can be a pain to config as need to add to Aqara app , then HomeKit , then remove from HomeKit so home assistant home kit addon finds them .

A few hours of messing then trialing to remove ghosting , late response time etc .

Picking us both up in the kitchen sat down ( so minimal movement ) - almost perfect .



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