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Joining 16mm2 conductors

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Dear hive mind


Can anyone point me to a Screwfix/Toolstation/CES product that is suitable for joining three 16mm2 conductors in an adaptable box?   If it makes a difference, these are earth cables that will also be bolted to the box (metal) or attached via one of the fixing screws.  


I was hoping that the wago lever style connectors might exist for high current large connectors but I've not been able to find any.







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Thanks.  That should work well for the earth. 


Out of interest, what's the best way of joining three large x-section live/phase or neutral conductors?

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Looking at your other posts I strongly suggest you do not attempt something without giving us more information. 


It sounds like you're trying to do something potentially very dangerous. 

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11 hours ago, FuerteStu said:

What's the circuit? Load? 

I was asking generally.   But for the sake of argument we could say 70Amps.  


The thread stemmed from wanting to export earth from the consumer unit and to earth the adaptable box and gland so that the SWA armour also shared the earth.   The SWA connects to a delayed trigger RCD at the CU.  


Rather than fight to get two conductors into the CU for earth I wanted to take a 16mm2 fine strand conductor from the earth busbar to the adaptable box and securely join it to the adaptable box and cut down the third conductor in the SWA and join it to the earth.  I was going to use two lugs (one on each conductor) and bolt or screw them to the adaptable box.  The MET looks neater.  



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