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Silt trap upstream of soakaway, How much??

Post and beam

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Following on from my question about a soakaway, i have been looking at the required Silt trap.

£400 ! , Why.

Regardless, is there a British standard these have to be built to or is it just a case of making sensible provision to capture silt and other crap?

If so i doubt i am the first or indeed only person to look at what i can do to install a suitable sump.

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I dont think that will help but thanks.  I think there will be at least 4 down pipes from our gutters.


I have now found a silt trap for £300 but FFS its a plastic bucket when all is said and done.

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450 x600 concrete manhole sections, pipe enters one side, silt drops to the bottom pipe exits other side. 
concrete sections are about £40 and a lid about the same, so you have £200 in materials with the concrete base to sit it all on, then your labour to core drill two 110mm holes. 

the choice is yours, all these things are designed to cut down on labour, so £25-£30 an hour for 4 hours to fit it. 

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