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Landscaping drainage

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Hi, thanks for the acceptance. We’re in East Anglia. Hope this is ok to post. Landscaping our garden and would be very grateful for advice regarding a drainage issue as per pics. All pipe work inspected and ok. Wondering if compacted backfill along drainage channels and how best to rectify. Can provide more detail in specific post. Thank you again. Much appreciated. 




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Your diagnosis is correct.

Remedy? Knock the house down and start again. Sorry, but there it is. Sad, but true.


Then again, you could simply lift the lawn (above the the piping)  and the layer of over-compacted 'soil' beneath it and replace with free draining soil.

Replace the lawn

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What are you actually asking?


Pic 1 is a waterlogged lawn, presumably in winter.  Pic 2 seems to be the same lawn in summer with most of the grass dead?


Pic 3 is a drain pipe entering an inspection chamber.  Did you think there was something wrong with that?

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Thanks both. Sorry for lack of detail. 

Looking for the most pragmatic option here, although demolition tempting…

Pic 1 from a few weeks back after heavy rain. Drains away but waterlogged area is the high point with pipe falling away.


Pic 2 from heatwave in summer when everyone’s grass died but we still had lush grass lines following the pipes. 

Pic 3 to show the clay at level of pipe. No obvious fault on connectors with dye testing etc. 

Other than areas tracking the two pipes, the lawn is ok and no water logging etc. 


Accepting the lawn needs replacing with free draining soil and that this needs to go down to the level of the pipework, could it work to replace only the pipe channels rather than the entire lawn? 


Many thanks. Appreciated. 



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