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Rendering up to cut stone

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Hi, can anyone advise the best way to neatly render up to cut stone please? I have a section of blockwork that needs rendering and the window and door openings have stone jambs, heads and cills that have been set proud of the clockwork ready to render up to. Is it just a case of being very careful and neat? Should the stone be masked? Is there a bead for this job?




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2 minutes ago, ToughButterCup said:

Where's @nod (Gary) when you need him ? 

Being entirely inexpert at rendering (my shoulders still ache from last summer) , I'd say  - be careful and neat.



Just like yer mum told you when you were a teenager.

A pictures a thousand words 

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I've gone to the trouble of researching this in Spain for you. The land where all issues are hidden by render or tiles.

They would leave a shadow gap so that any differences in alignment do not show up, and no overlaps. I think there is first a general base coat on which a batten is fixed. Then top coat up to it. Or perhaps simply a coat of render is sneezed into place with the batten.

Btw The white bead on the left used to be an external corner so isn't relevant.


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