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How to bridge UFH screed to external door frame with tiles


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I am needing to tile right up to our kitchen door with 600x600 porcelain tiles - the tiles will need to span UFH concrete screed, expansion/insulation gap and then onto wood surrounding the door frame (house is of timber frame construction) as you can see in the picture. 

I’d obviously like to be able to have a single tile span all of the materials right up to the door, but assuming this is not possible due to differing expansion/contraction properties of both the UFH screed and wood etc. 


So my question is what should I be doing here? I’ve been using flexible tile adhesive under the kitchen floor tiles on top of the screed - would it be flexible enough to handle different materials for example? Or should I cut tiles to match the wooden area, and screed area and have plastic expansion gap in between? - Not too keen on that one as it won’t look the best but don’t want to be having to re-tile any time soon!


 Any advice most appreciated!


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I had a 300mm glulam sole plate to span across several windows and I never thought for a minute it was going to work long term. Therefore I cut it out and replaced with jackoboard. We’re still fitting decoupling mat across the whole floor though which is deemed to be an unnecessary expense but I’d rather do belts and braces as it’s a relatively small cost relative to the whole floor. 

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