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Custom aluminium french doors

Space Race

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Found an image online of some external timber french doors we like and I'm wondering how best to go about sourcing these in aluminium. I've a bad feeling this either won't be possible or simply far too expensive. Do door suppliers make  bespoke designs in alu or does the manufacturing making is unfeasible?  Are there any firms in particular we should look at? 


We are in N/E Scotland and quite high up in an exposed location. The doors would be south facing, open outwards as shown and typically not be used during winter months or windy days.

Having had problems with timber doors in the past I really don't want the headaches



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I think the problem is that, unlike wood which can be custom machined in short runs, the aluminium profile that the window manufacturers use is bought in bulk and is only produced economically in long runs. It's literally extruded out of a die and the die manufacture and testing and whatnot is quite capital intensive. Interestingly, PHPP lists the possible aluminium profiles for passivhaus use, not just made-up windows. So realistically, I think the options are to either (a) find the closest thing off-the-shelf or (b) maybe see if someone will make you a custom design but using their standard profile.

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Thanks, I've been searching for a similar design but no luck so far. At least nothing close enough anyway. I'm taking a closer look at the engineered hardwood but would need to speak to some owners to be convinced. The weather can be brutal and this elevation often gets the brunt of that. 

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