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Double door door lining

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1 hour ago, joe90 said:

I would 👍, what is the lintel?


It's in a 92mm metal frame partition (2 doorways under a beam). I've used the double track and c-stud detail attached for the lintel which is good. I added a 3x1 timber in the lower track so that should allow the door lining to be screwed to the lintel.




I've adopted the attachment approach of the Siniat image (folding down the vertical stud). I haven't done so yet, but may add small c-stud sections to the upper track as Metsec suggest.


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To complete the information, the jambs are 92mm c-stud with CLS routed to slide inside and then a second c-stud with its web screwed to the timber. As shown in the previous post, the main jamb stud is then cloaked in deep track. It all feels very solid.

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