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Wall tiles around inset fire

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Saw this picture whist browsing tiles yesterday and loved the idea, so much so, that I'm going to attempt to get a look similar.  We already have the inset ready to be installed, but I was undecided on the wall finish till now.  I haven't done any homework yet, on how to achieve this, the subject wall at the moment is just plain blockwork.


I may just pay someone to do this as me and tile adhesive are a real messy combination, but I'd like to be forearmed with info first so I can understand what's taking place.  Will I need to prep the wall first, and should I expect the tiler to use a special type of adhesive to deal with the potential heat from the inset?  What sort of costs should I be expecting on a 5*2.4m wall?



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The immediate thing that stands out for me, was the tile size was chosen to be exactly 2 tiles fit the height of the stove, and then the stove was set into the wall at exactly the right height to make the top of the stove 4 tiles above the floor.  A lot of forward planning before you start anything.

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