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Which to do first? Walls or floors?

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Internal floors and walls are on my mind, keeping me awake at night. Which should I do first?


Floors first? Once complete you have to protect them for a (long) period of time from scrapes, bumps, plaster splashes etc., but once done you know where the walls have to finish 🙂

Walls first? Do all your plastering and any painting etc. without worrying about damage to the floor. Do you bring the plaster board/plaster down to the base floor (18mm plywood), or leave a gap? How big a gap?

So, I am thinking walls first.

FYI, I will be be laying UFH on the upper floors

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Walls first.  Leave a gap at the bottom a bit wider than the flooring you expect to lay.  Skirting board was invented to cover the gap between the bottom of the wall and the floor.

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