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Filling Gap before tiling - help?!


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Good Afternoon


I am in the process of preparing my floor ready for tiling, the floor is anhydrite screed (50mm) and there is gap between the edge of my screen and oak frontage. 

It is around 25mm deep and varies in width (see photos)

The oak frame sits on a piece of DPC and I was planning to try and get some air tight foam and then sealant along that edge.

I was going to foam as maybe holes i could see, mainly around the bricks/edge of screed


However I am guessing i need to lay some form of pvc sheet to stop the screed escaping and also to stop the screed getting into the oak, can any suggest any ideas on how to do this? And what screed to use if possible?


I have attached a couple of pictures to try and show the area I need to fill


Any suggestions very much welcomed!



Oak - Floor (1).jpeg

Oak - Floor.jpeg

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We've much the same detail, partially occupied now.  Despite attention to insulation at the perimeter, the tiles at this inset area are noticeably cold: partly because there is no ufh at this small area, but  also just creeping through the cold bridges.


so for the rest of the project I'm proposing putting the thinnest insulated underlay down before the tiling. Prowarm 6mm I think, stuck down with tile adhesive.

If you have more depth available, use thicker prowarm. It will also provide some bridging of joints.


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On 27/12/2023 at 16:07, nod said:

Gun foam it Then cut it back with a saw and tile over it 

Thank you @nod 


sorry to be a pain but which foam would you recommend? Would any gun foam be ok?


Many Thanks

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