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Wall plate

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I suspect the answer is a no, but can I/am I allowed to notch the wall plate?

reason I ask...

I'm bringing some hep down from a roof void (attic trusses onto wallplate), over the wallplate into a shallow chase that I've taken out of the wall.  Notching the wallplate would allow the pipes to sit a bit further into the chase which would then be hidden by the plasterboard ceiling and wall junction.  Currently I'd need to notch the plasterboard to fit round the pipes.  I'm accounting for about 10mm dabs.


yay or nay?




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If I remember rightly the roofers, joiner and builder came up with a  2* 4*2 arrangement.  I suspect thought that notching isn't the greatest of the ideas I've had.  To notch would be 15mm off the edge to allow a 15 and 10mm pipe to pass.

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10 hours ago, Mr Punter said:

The wall plate is not strictly a structural member.  I would think that if it is well fixed down either side of the notch and the notch leaves a reasonable amount of meat in the wall plate there should not be an issue.

I'll just hang the pipes over the wall plate for now and clip the pipes into the chase.  When I have the pre plaster insp, get the BI's take on it!  The only progress it's likely to hold up is the positioning of the MF ceiling perimeter as I don't know what level I'll be setting it to.  Whether to bring it down to cover the pipe, or leaving it at 242 ish.  

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Hi crispy_wafer, did you ever get BI's take on your notching of the wallplate?  Reason I'm asking is that I will need to do something similar to allow some conduit for electrical cables I will be chasing into my walls.  Basically need to chase brickwork deep enough to allow conduit to sit in, however it then hits the wooden wallplate at the top of the wall.  Ceiling plasterboard is level with base of wallplate.

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Hi there,


 no I didn’t, I put it to the back of my mind and moved onto another job.  When it comes to my pre plaster inspection I’ll find out then.  I do think that a 10mm notch won’t cause too much sleep loss.  This scenario must crop up regularly in bungalows I’d have thought, maybe the modern way  is to have fat dabs and pack out the plasterboard from the wall.

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