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Blum Aventos HK-S Stay Lift mechanisms/hinges


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I have a kitchen unit door that is meant to open by lifting upwards. The hinges fitted is of the Blum Aventos HK-S Stay Lift series, but it's not working. The door just doesn't "stay" up. 


I'm pretty sure that it's because the "Power Factor" sometimes also described as "LF" (which maybe stands for Lift Force?) is too low and so I've found the next model up which has a greater Power Factor that should meet the requirements of my door. There is a helpful formula for working this out.


But I spotted that on both the existing hinge and the replacement I am thinking of buying, the "opening angle" is stated as 107 degrees. I only have space for 88 degrees or so, as there is an obstruction once you reach 88 degrees of opening. Could another reason my existing hinge isn't working because I'm not opening it up to the max 107 it is designed for, or are these hinges variable such that you can configure them to different opening angles?


The replacement I'm considering is this one: https://www.debonairjoineryproducts.co.uk/product/blum-aventos-hk-s-stay-lift-set-lift-mechanism-pair-20k2e00-02/



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Just now, Russell griffiths said:

Is there not a screw you adjust that puts more tension on the spring. 

Mine has this adjustment, but there not Blum 🤣🤣, but I would have thought a high end hinge would have this facility. 

Yes, but either that screw is broken or - as I suspect - the installer installed the wrong hinge, as this one doesn’t appear to be strong enough to hold open the weight of the door.

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