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Vat claim on non spec'd items

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We claimed successfully for quite a few things not shown in drawings including for example additional kitchen units not shown in drawings, or where we upgraded things from drawings as project progressed.  Just ensure that you can justify or evidence any discrepancies in particular for example hidden things like insulation (maybes take photos).  Inevitably during a build purchases may need to be made of things not shown on drawings or due to design changes etc.

I suspect their red flag would be claims that blatantly don’t marry up with a particular build eg a disproportionate amount of a particular material that would cause them to scrutinise a claim.  Eg three baths in a two bathroom house.  Or duplicates eg x amount of rockwool AND x amount of PIR.  

If there is anything in your claim that you think may look a bit iffy just put a covering letter in to explain it, that’s what we did and ours went through no probs.

as @saveasteadingsays they won’t be scrutinising every claim in such detail.  







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