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Which toilet for an elderly person who has trouble walking & has cognitive difficulty?


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Hi, my mother who lives with us hasn't been keeping the best. In terms of selecting a toilet the occupational therapist mentioned height should be governed by the op height?/the distance from the ground to the back of the knee where it bends. I spoke to a carer who said bidet toilets were removed from a nursing home because the residents found the controls confusing.

So I was wondering is there a wash and dry toilet with simple controls? 

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Yes. Geberit do a series of them . I already have to use one (back injury).


They all have an app from which you can operate the flush, the temperature and the flow rate. It runs on my phone. If I were further incapacitated, a carer could operate it for me. 


It also prompts you to descale and maintain it.  It shows you how to do it with a video 


Of course my misplaced sense of humour got the better of me.... you're there before me aren't you....


I still have a considerable number of Brownie Points to go before she forgives me for operating the flush from my phone while she was on the loo, and I was outside in the garden.


Honesty is not always the best policy.

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