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Rough roofing costs


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Our roof comprises attic trusses, planked sarking, felt, and some sort of thin fibrous tile. We were told that they're not asbestos, which is good, but they're certainly pretty old now and I wonder how much longer they will last.


Our plans for the house include adding PV and converting the loft. It will probably make sense to re-roof at that point, with a breather membrane and full fill insulation to maximise head room inside.


If replacing the roof covering entirely, and wanting to add PV, does it make economic sense to go for in roof? Or is there another option?


The only roof I've ever done before was corrugated steel, which I really like and would use again, but I'm not sure what the neighbours/planners would make of that.

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My No 1 tip is do it as a warm roof or hybrid roof.  So air tight layer over the top of the attic joists (roof stripped completely)  external insulation over the top of the joists, then batten counter batten and tiles or do the rolls royce and an in roof PV system.


Take the insulation right down to the eaves don't faff about trying to exclude the eaves space from the insulated envelope.


You might want a SE to check the existing attic trusses are ok for a heavier roof tile and PV.

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