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100mm Omnifit Roll vs Knauf RS45 between floors


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Right, I’m guessing the RS45 will obviously be the better option but would it be worth the expense over the Omnifit roll? 
I’ve spoken to Knauf and the Acoustic roll is 18kg/m3, Omnifit was either 28 or 33kg/m3 and the RS45 is erm, 45😂


we already have a gypsum based UFH system on the first floor and that has worked great at reducing the noise transfer already. 

We have 400 centres so the Omnifit would be easier to fit but I just can’t decide. I know on paper what the best one to use it but I have no real experience with it. 

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I'm laying some between the ensuite and kitchen, purely because we have an electric mat up there and we have an internal soil pipe running through the void so it'll act as both thermal and acoustic insulation. Won't be doing it anywhere else. 

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I’ve just ordered 60m2 of 75mm Knauf RS45 for the stud walls and 100m2 of 100mm Omnifit Roll for between the floors. After advice from here and Knauf technical this seems to be the best performance per £ solution. 
I’ll let you know how it goes and the results👍

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