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Mounting of Light Switches on Kitchen Furniture - Building Regs compliance

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I need to fit a bank of four switches to control pendant lights and sconces in our refurbished kitchen diner.
I was going to mount the switches on a stone partition wall but a slight measuring error with kitchen units means that I no longer have space.
I therefore want to mount them on the tongue and groove end panel of the oven unit.
I wanted to check whether this would be compliant with Building Regulations.


The Pro Certs Software Blog states: Local Isolation for Kitchen Appliances - Kitchen Socket Positions - Pro Certs Software

“The IEE Electricians Guide to the Building Regulations, 5.2.2 Locations of accessories in kitchens state:
(i) Wiring accessories (e.g. socket-outlets, switches) should be mounted on the building fabric and NOT on kitchen furniture.




“in many cases most modern integral appliances such as a built-in dishwasher do not have enough space behind the appliance to fit a plug and socket-outlet, which is when an electrician may decide to install the socket in an adjacent cupboard … Electrical safety first answers this question:

Can accessories and electrical equipment such as socket-outlets and under cabinet lighting be fixed to kitchen units?
“Yes, provided that they are securely fixed to rigid parts of the units that are not demountable or otherwise liable to be disturbed in normal service. However, care must be taken to comply with all the relevant requirements of BS 7671, including accessibility for inspection, testing and maintenance, and provision of adequate protection against damage (by impact or water for example) for the accessories, equipment and associated wiring. Regulation number(s): 530.4.2

Regulation 530.4.2 of the 18th edition of the BS 7671 wiring regulations is about the mounting of unenclosed equipment, such as switches, sockets, and terminals. It states that “unenclosed equipment shall be mounted in a suitable mounting box or enclosure in compliance with the relevant part of BS EN 60670, BS EN 62208 or other relevant standards such as BS EN 61439 series.”

This is to ensure that the equipment is protected from mechanical damage, moisture, dust, and other environmental factors that may affect its performance or safety.”


So, it seems that lightswitches can be installed on kitchen unit end panels, but they must be housed in mounting boxes compliant with (eg) BS EN 60670. But aren't most moulded surface mounted boxes compliant with BS EN 60670? Seems like I can just go ahead and do this irrespective of the Electricians Guide saying "switches shouldnt be mounted on kitchen furniture"?

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