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K Rend (Silicone TC 15) v Monocouche - on top of blockwork and external EPS


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Hi, I'm after some advice when it comes to rendering my house.


I have been recommended K Rend as a quality, low maintenance product, albeit at a premium price over sand and cement. 


When speaking to a K Rend technical advisor through emails, i was advised that due to the exterior of my house having both a combination of block work (new extension) and EPS board (over original building) as the external facing surfaces I would have to go with a Silicone Thin Coat - TC15 product.


K Rend told me that Silcone TC 15 was my only option and that ruled out their Monocouche product (K Mono).


I hadn't actually heard of monocouche, so don't know what i am missing out on. Is the difference between them down to  finish / colour / maintenance / price / install process? On doing some basic searching I can see Weber are a big name of Monocouche. 


I also don't know whether i should be considering any other product to K Rend TC15.


Any advice, or thought provocation would be appreciated. 



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4 hours ago, nod said:

There are a few more options 

You don’t need to go with a thin coat 

I’ve dealt with K and Webber K after sales are excellent Webber arnt 

Thanks @Nod - more options from K Rend, or elsewhere? I spoke to my local K Rend contact today, he also recommendedTC 15 due to the mixed nature of my base layers. 

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3 hours ago, Big Jimbo said:

I am going to be using aerated block. 1 Lime, 1 Cement, 6 sand, for mortar. Any recommendations for render over that @nod 

Virtually any of the through coloured renders will go directly on to concrete block as it low suction 


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