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Dumping excess PV into UFH via inline heater.


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Hello everyone,

I was thinking - during the coldest months when my house temperature is sometimes a touch colder than ideal - of using the excess solar I often have to run an inline water heater, something like this:


1kW inline water heater


I can set up my Victron system to run that heater when the batteries are at 95% SOC or above (which is quite often). 

Currently the UFH isn't used much - maybe 20 days out of the year. It runs through my combi boiler and works really well just utilising a room thermostat to activate it early in the morning if the house temp drops below 18 degrees. 


Any thoughts on issues with me doing this?

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12 hours ago, JohnMo said:

Plenty of threads on Willis heater - basically the same as you have linked too but less than half the price. 

That is a Willis heater. Can't find anything on here using search, will have a look on the general www.

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