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rounded stones to delineate garden space on driveway


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hi all,


we're looking to build a driveway, but the front garden is too large (80sqm+). as such, we'd like to have some patches of soil for plants, shrubs etc.


I would like to create a rounded boundary using some of those grey stones you see everywhere. can you buy ready "rounded" or do I have to calculate the angles and cut them myself?


I would want something like this, but the shape is a perfect quarter circle (between two brick walls at 90 degrees).


also, what would I need to be able to lay these? some sort of foundation? or is it enough to dig a little trench, lay some concrete and put these on top?





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I think there's a small misunderstanding. this is what I'm trying to achieve:




what I'm wondering is if the stones I need come precut to the right angle so I can form a quarter of a circle, or whether they come as normal (square) blocks and I'll need to cut them to the right angle.


I hope that makes sense. also, what do they "sit" on? is a few cm of concrete enough to hold them in place or do they need a proper foundation?

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Hi, some people cut them, others leave then whole and have tapered gaps. What they sit on depends wether you will be running over them or not. But as you mention flower beds then a bit of concrete underneath and haunches at the back to prevent spreading .. again all very easy to see on YouTube 

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