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Water ingress from above patio doors


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We have a water ingress problem at the top of our patio doors. 
It's a new build, we built this and 5 others with the same contractor. It is out of snagging time as a settlement was made by us with the contractor (long story).


In short, we have a problem with water ingress.

There isn't a means of taking water away from the fabric of the building (timber clad with Isotex blocks). A fault from the contractor and architect.


We are not builders nor are minded that way. Can anyone recommend a tradesperson near Marlborough, Wilts, who could help.


We figure there needs to be some kind of flashing inserted above the door frame but are not sure what kind and the design.

I figure we can remove the horizontal strips and replace them with something impervious to water, tilted, so as to take the water away from the fabric.


Many thanks.



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Ours is simply some timber with the DPC lapped over the top of it which we have above every opening. The windows/doors are also sealed using Wigluv tape. Our cladding is much deeper than yours though so any water drips off and away from the building anyway. 

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