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Cladding ideas

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Hi all


hoping to get some cladding inspiration form people. We at the design phase for a 3 bed house and the architect has started looking at externals. We sent some ideas of what we liked and he came up with the below. I really like it and we would use reclaimed (or made to look that way) bricks. I just wondered if anyone has any ideas of what else we could consider?


the design itself is very particular to the site (matching pitch height to Nextdoor, no overlooking windows etc), so it’s the externals we need to figure out now!IMG_3647.thumb.jpeg.3e7177c9eecdad7a7dff97695cf0c9ca.jpeg

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1 hour ago, Bournbrook said:

I really like your charred cladding. Has far more personality than just stained. How is it holding up?

it was only fitted a year or so ago so it's still black and charred! it is quite fragile though and the charring can come away if you're not very careful with it. but we don't really mind as it adds character. 😉

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I agree. Hardie or Cembrit cement planks have the advantage that they stay looking like they do on day 1 - no colour change/fading (in my experience at least with paler colours). They also have a very low thermal coefficient of expansion (from what I can tell from specs, about 1/3 compared to composite plastic and 1/10 of uPVC. )

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