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Do £1500 to £2000 /m2 estimates include everything finished?


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The only way to find out is to get multiple quotes yourself in your area and that will give an idea of what you're expecting to pay. On this site there is a lot of reigonal variance and people with varying levels of skills and connections in the construction industry.


For example @nod being in the trade is likely to bring in a project significantly cheaper than the average joe, I also beleive he is in a different part of the country, I doubt he would bring in for that price in the SE where even materials are more expensive.


Why not post up your plans and structural drawings for us to have a look?

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Materials aren’t more expensive in the SE relative to say Scotland. I bought stuff on-line from all over England cheaper than I can get it locally. Local builders merchants trade on convenience and the ability to same day/next day urgent materials. I’d also say labour seems relatively consistent across most parts. The biggest difference is land cost. 

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