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What no one tells you about heat pumps till you try to get one......for a Victorian terraced house.

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Article linked below is about an energy company's unsolicited email offering a £5,000 rebate towards a new heat pump for a Victorian terraced house on the borders of Chelsea in West London.


What no one tells you about heat pumps till you try to get one:-


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Yep, not difficult to see the Daily Mail have been instructed to go on an anti-green crusade rn, pushing anything to support the current Tory policy change.

o/c there's underlying truth in the state of ASHP installation, a lot created by the tory policies that got us here, and which has all been done to death here already. just gotta take a big chill pill before attempting to wade into the green ink drama in the reporting.

my ASHP is neither vast nor noisy nor in my garden, but then I also wasn't stupid enough to do it based on a cold call from a grant harvester.


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