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New window opening cost


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I need a new window opening in my kitchen (1.5 by 1m), it is actually an old window that has been bricked up and we are essentially re-installing it. Structural engineer came around was very reassuring that it should be straight forward plus or minus needing a new lintel. Builder came around and said that there are cracks going through the lintel so it might be that when they remove the bricked up opening the arch will fall (window opening is at the ground floor of the house). He then quoted the following:

Labour £400+vat

Mats £80+vat
New concrete cill and new concrete lintel £400+vat
Temp support for brickwork £350+vat


Does this look ok to people? Is this a fair price (we are based in London but still!) including the price of materials?


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The 350£ for brickwork support was that strike me as odd as well, that and the 400£ for concrete cill/lintel. From a quick google search you can get both for 150£ (200£ max if you are looking for the most expensive prices).

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