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Partially submerged self build in Hampshire


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Hi Everyone, I’m looking to build a new property for my wife and I to live in, in our current garden. Once complete and plot divided, sell the original to clear the mortgage(s). It’s on a slope with planning only likely for single storey so looking to have garage and entrance in an excavated basement. Just at planning stage in Feb ‘23 so loads to do! 

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We have just done the same but in Cheshire. A steeping sloping site so our new home is 2 storey with the top storey 40% bigger than the ground floor. We started back in 2017 with a an architect and topography survey, got planning in late 2019 and started in Spring 2021 finishing about 18 months later when the old house sold.


A great wealth of knowledge on here. Good luck with your project.

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