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Click Energy NI - Nightly electric prices really cheap 1.575p per kWh - N.Ireland


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Hi All,


I thought I would share the below to see if I am losing my mind or not, I couldn't find anything as close to these prices 'Bill Pay Day & Night'.


I know it's only for a short term and it's related to the Government support being offered but it's not on a fixed contract, so no buying out at a later date when you need to change.


If it's of interest to you, feel free to give my referral code on sign-up {If this is against forum rules, I do apologise and will remove it right away, as it's genuinely not a referral plug, I just can't get over the prices and wanted to share to members as it might help for a period of time}.


Referral code: TD2ZLP


Source: https://www.clickenergyni.com/Compare-Switch/Compare.aspx


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